Skadoodle set to leave Cloud9 and the competitive scene
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An official statement released by the Cloud9 organization has announced that Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham is officially stepping down from the Counter-Strike team. The change will take place upon the arrival of another player to fill Skadoodle’s spot. Who that player will be remains a mystery, at least for now. Fans can only speculate at this point in time.

The Cloud9 AWPer found great success while on the North American roster on more than one occasion. Following the match-fixing scandal of Team iBUYPOWER back in 2014, the roster had been disbanded with Skadoodle being the only player that had not been banned from Valve-endorsed events. And thus, shortly after, the American AWPer joined the Cloud9 lineup.

Skadoodle attained numerous achievements while at Cloud9, the first being the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals where Cloud9 successfully defeated the Brazilian SK Gaming in an exciting best-of-three final. And of course the most recent achievement, and perhaps the most notable, was their success at ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018. Not only did the North American formation climb all the way to the finals from a 0-2 deficit before the playoffs, but Cloud9 vs. FaZe Clan was also one of the most exciting finals ever seen on the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. What’s more, Skadoodle was awarded the US Air Force MVP trophy – a phenomenal achievement and definitely one to be proud of.

You can check out some of his best moments from the ELEAGUE Major in the video below.

Skadoodle’s replacement?

Since we have not received any news on Skadoodle’s replacement yet, we can only speculate right now. Naturally, it must be someone of AWP-ing competence. However, who can live up to the expectations and quality of Skadoodle? Leave your thoughts down below if you have any ideas.

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