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Deadline day is over and it was an exciting time ahead of RLCS Season 6. Several notable announcements happened and boy, we’re in for a treat next season. Here are the biggest Rocket League shuffles so far.


Mummisnow joins Fnatic to complete the fully Danish roster

Hours after the announcement of Mousesports acquiring his former team, Mummisnow was revealed to be Fnatic’s new third for RLCS Season 6.

He and teammates Alex161 and Skyline managed to qualify for RLCS by winning the playoffs last May. However, while simultaneously leaving their organisation Servette, Alex announced that they were also parting ways with Mummisnow, whom many fans considered to be their best player. A strange turn of events to be sure, and it raised questions about whether or not Mummisnow would find an RLCS team after working so hard for his promotion.

The Danish player has now found his way onto the team with Maestro and Snaski, completing the fully Danish roster after Sikii (Germany) departed.

With Mummisnow’s announcement, Fnatic states they strive to be the best and are excited to fight at the top once more.

gReazymeister joins CompLexity

The announcement didn’t happen on deadline day, but should still be mentioned as one of the biggest changes in the scene. The former world champion gReazymeister spent a season as a substitute for EnvyUs after a disappointing Season 4 and now managed to secure a starting spot on fan favourite CompLexity.

With this shuffle, one of if not the longest-standing team is no more. Metsanauris was released from his teammates to make space for the Norwegian. While the transfer was rumoured to happen, the reality of it still led to raised brows. Fans were not generally convinced that Metsanauris was the problem, and question whether gReazy can provide the improvements necessary. His individual skill is doubted by no one, but his role is not quite similar to Metsa’s. This signing, then, shows that CoL is likely to adopt a much more offensive playstyle in which all team members fill each role.

Metsaunauris replaces Deevo as the roster is released by EnvyUs

EnvyUs has, unfortunately, released their players Remkoe and EyeIgnite, rendering them without an organisation. In a second turn of events, Deevo has also departed the team and will be replaced by Metsanauris, Remkoe announced on Twitter.

Deevo was once considered to be the world’s best player but had lackluster performances in the last two seasons. It comes as no surprise he is being replaced by a player of Metsa’s calibre. With few open spots left, one of the remaining questions was where Metsanauris would end up, with Envy being a likely candidate. This completes the direct exchange of gReazy for Metsa, while Deevo is left as a free agent on deadline day. Perhaps something else is in the works?

Fruity joins PSG in favour of Bluey

In a move that came out of nowhere, Fruity has joined up with PSG. Many fans were expecting a change to happen, particularly after a series of unprofessional reactions from Bluey after a couple of losses, but there were more obvious candidates than the Danish newcomer.

Rumour had it that Bluey was leaving PSG to form a new team with Deevo and Alpha54, but with him moving to a substitute role, that seems off the table. At least, if this doesn’t make him leave the team entirely.

Fruity has yet to prove himself in RLCS or RLRS. Once part of the team Copenhagen Flames, he failed to qualify for the second division in Season 5. The fact that PSG has now signed him as a starter for RLCS straight off the bat shows they place a lot of trust in him.

With those announcements done, just one remains. Team Vitality has yet to reveal their new player after they released Freakkii. While no announcements have been made, it is widely believed to be Scrub Killa. The fifteen-year-old already confirmed that he found a team and will play in RLCS next season, so all that’s left to do is wait for the announcement.

But while we wait, why not read a bit about the young Scotsman in our “Players to watch” article?

North America

Memory replaces Matt on Ghost

Replacing Matt, Memory joins Lethamyr and Zanejackey for RLCS Season 6. After finishing third in RLRS with his former team Spacestation Gaming and therefore failing to qualify for the playoffs, Memory was looking to join an RLCS team.

Ghost made an excellent signing and will likely be battling with Evil Geniuses for a top-four spot. The other three spots are generally thought to go to favourites NRG, G2, and Cloud9, but if this off-season’s roster shuffle is any indication, all organisations are ready to break dynasties and claim the top spots for themselves.

Chicago to Evil Geniuses

Speaking of Evil Geniuses, they announced Chicago is joining the team, replacing Chrome. Chicago is considered to be one of the biggest talents in North America, so a transfer to an RLCS team comes to nobody’s surprise.

As one of the most promising up-and-coming players, Chicago dominated the RLRS and is looking to make a big impact on the North American scene. Why exactly should you keep an eye on him? You can find out in our article dedicated to players to watch for RLCS Season 6.

Rogue welcomes Joro

One of the transfers predicted by many was Joro joining Rogue. After placing fifth in RLRS with his team “the d00ds,” there was no chance for the team to make it to RLCS. In fact, fifth place wasn’t even enough for a spot in RLRS next season. The team would have to re-qualify.

Knowing this, the d00ds disbanded entirely and all of its members became free agents. Nobody expected Joro to have a problem finding a new team, but the player still has a lot to prove. With Matt rejoining Rogue as a substitute, Joro is going to have to put up solid performances. Nevertheless, Joro is considered to be an RLCS-calibre player and fans expect Rogue to retain their spot in RLCS by finishing top six. Some are even hoping for a top-four finish, but every year the competition is rising. This year is no different, and they will have to bring everything to the table to secure a LAN spot.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.