Riot discusses three major changes to Eternals based on player feedback
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Following the League of Legends Eternals public beta environment (PBE) launch, Adriaan “KenAdamsNSA” Noordzij, product manager for Riot, addressed the adjustments made since the 2019 release. He discussed on Riot’s dev blog three major changes stemming from advice given by players: Riot wants Eternal stats to be thrilling and meaningful. They don’t want players without RP to miss out on the experience. And they intend to provide discounts for players with broad champion pools.

Unique Eternals

When launching Eternals in 2019, players felt unsatisfied with the stats displayed. As a result, Riot modified and replaced unique Eternal stats on each champion. They wanted to emphasize exciting plays tied to specific champs. For example, in Vladimir’s unique Eternal Series I set, skill shot missiles dodged with Sanguine Pool are now celebrated.

Access to Eternals

The second change Riot made to Eternals was creating a Starter Series for each champion. The Starter Series is permanently available for 225 RP or 2500 Blue Essence. Riot hopes to encourage teamwork and participation with the common Eternal statistics in the Starter Series. Destroying structures, killing epic monsters, and taking down enemy champions all contribute towards milestone credits.

Eternal capsules are also another way for players to connect with the Starter Series. The capsules contain Orange Essence and two set shards. They are rewarded after completing checkpoints during Ranked Splits.

Eternals Series Pass

Initially, Riot planned for players to unlock Eternals for one or two champions. However, devs were quick to realize player habits after more feedback. So the final change to Eternals is to lower the cost for players who main many champions, which has led to the production of the Series Pass.

The Series Pass grants every Eternal stat permanently for all champions. The pass will also reward players with future new champion Eternal stat releases. For 5850 RP players can purchase the Series 1 Pass. In contrast, the Starter Series Pass costs 14750 Blue Essence or 1350 RP.

Developers at Riot are thankful for the honest responses towards the 2019 release of Eternals. They remain open towards ideas for the future and are looking for ways to improve.

How do you feel about the changes Riot’s made to Eternals? To keep up with more League of Legends news, stay tuned with Daily Esports.