Riot teases cuteness overload with Pengu Tristana and Furyhorn Veigar
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On March 18, Riot Games uploaded an adorable splash art teaser for Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar. In the image, Tristana and Veigar seem to be standing on what looks to be a fluffy Teemo. However, there is no confirmation on who the champion is underneath them. Players have been speculating the mystery champion to be Braum or Sett. Either way, players are anticipating the reveal and are reacting positively to the bomb of cuteness Riot dropped.

Adorable abilities on Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar

With Riot’s recent release of reworked Fiddlesticks, they added horror to the rift, so seeing Tristana and Veigar in onesies is refreshing for players to see. Pengu Cosplay Tristana features cute little Featherknights in her abilities. For example, when using her ultimate, a huge penguin shoots from her cannon towards the enemy. When the penguin makes contact with the enemy, there is an explosion of baby Featherknights and stars. Tristana also has the urf spatula symbol and rainbows in her abilities.

On the other hand, Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar has abilities with the iconic urf spatula. His abilities range from launching spatulas to dropping an enormous Furyhorn on enemies. The accompanying video shows off Tristana and Veigar’s cuteness along with the new Worldbreaker skins for Malzahar, Sion, and Maokai.

When will Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Veigar be available for purchase?

Due to the references towards urf in Tristana and Veigar’s skins, it is safe to assume they will be released on April Fools Day. Riot is known for releasing goofy skins on April Fools and for launching the urf game mode. Last year, Riot surprised players with Corgy Corki, Fuzz Fizz, Meowrick, and Pretty Kitty Rengar for April Fools. There was also a fun dog versus cats theme for all players to participate in. The only difference between 2019’s April Fools celebration and this year would be the game mode. Currently, one-for-all is live on the PBE; it is not clear how long the game mode will be on public servers.

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