Riot reveals a stunning new trophy ahead of LCK finals
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The finals of the 2019 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) are approaching. This upcoming Saturday, Griffin will go up against SKT in what is poised to be a historic match. Not only will they fight for greatness and the opportunity to play abroad, however. The winner will also get to raise a brand new trophy.

Riot Korea unveiled what it looks like in a press release on April 10. Moving away from the old LCK trophy, the theme was said to be “Rise & Victory.” According to Riot, the inspiration for the design came from “how the players grow and claim victory through effort.”

SWNA, a Korean firm that specializes in industrial design, has also been part of the process of creating this sublime reward for the champions. Previously, they had also been in charge of designing the medals for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games.

The medals for the 2018 Pyeonchang Olimpic Games were also made by the creators of the new trophy.
The medals for the 2018 Pyeonchang Olympic Winter Games were also made by the creators of the new trophy. Photo credit: Sporting News.

With such professional help, Riot has been able to deliver a trophy that represents both the modern way of doing things and the traditional spirit of the region. The company took over the production of Korea’s main league in 2018, and they have definitely left their mark on it since they did so. The evolution has been notable, with the opening of the LoL Park in Seoul being a perfect example of it, and it all translates to this trophy as well.

The piece itself consists of 140 individual metal lines, each one representing a different champion from the game. The top of the trophy forms the shape of a star, and the handles, for their part, are conceived as if they were actual eagle’s wins. Both of these facts make the league’s logo be very present in the new design.

All former LCK champions have been granted a place in the new trophy.
All former LCK champions have been granted a place in the new trophy. Photo credits: Riot Korea.

Names of all former LCK champions are written at the bottom. Once either Griffin or SKT get to crown themselves as new champions, their name will be rightfully added to the list. The trophy will first appear live during the LCK finals held at Jamsil Arena. However, that will not be the only time we will be able to see it. An exact copy of the cup will be available for visits at LoL Park in Seoul as well.

What do you think of this new, more modern trophy? Do you consider the approach taken by Riot Korea the correct one? Would you rather have liked to see something a bit less innovative? Let us know in the comments below.