Review: RIG 700, the new ultra-light wireless headset
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On the lookout for a new headset? Have some leftover money from Christmas? Then look no further than the new RIG 700. It’s said to be one of the lightest headsets on the market. We grabbed a couple of units and put them to the test.

Light-weight, yet powerful

The RIG 700 is the latest edition to the RIG Gaming family. This wireless headset has up to 12 hours of battery life. Even inside the box, it’s really light! Similar to the RIG 400 that we previously reviewed, the 700 series is also fully adjustable. There are three sizes players can choose to suit. If you’re like me and have a tiny head, then the RIG series is perfect for finding the best fit. But it’s not all about fitting well. If you’re playing or streaming all night, you’ll want something super lightweight.

This headset delivers on the lightweight at only 241 grams. It’s fairly comfortable with squishy ear caps and a cushioned head band. There are no gel caps on this headset, and unlike with the RIG 400 series, the headband and headpiece aren’t separate. That part is personal preference, so it’s up to you what you like. Whichever you choose, Peter Petrides, the APAC Director of Gaming at Plantronics, says it’s all about design and battery:

With its durable, ultra-lightweight design and long battery life, the new RIG 700 Series provides the best experience for gamers. We listen to the gaming community and strive to continue delivering what gamers want. Ultimately, this has led us to be the undisputed market leader in gaming headsets for Australia. We look forward to the RIG 700 series being a fan favourite too.

Control the RIG 700 your way

There are heaps of controls on these headphones, from the headset controls like chat/game switch, volume, and power to the converter box. You can also choose to remove the microphone if you already have one set up for streaming. This is definitely a must as gamers and streamers alike move to broaden out their tech setups.

Three versions of the RIG 700 are available: the HX for Xbox One, the HS for PlayStation, and the HD for Windows PC. The HX and HD versions come with Windows Sonic surround sound to boost game audio. You’ll be able to hear every sniper around every corner and even random footsteps.

Comparing the 400 and 700 series

RIG 700 review RIG Gaming

Many of the features between the 400 and 700 are the same — adjustable headbands, removable microphone, flexible design, and replaceable parts. In fact, even their tech specs (mic frequency, ratios, sensitivity, power output) are all identical. So where do they actually differ? First and foremost, the RIG 400 is wired. According to Corey Rosemond, the Global Director for Marketing and Business Development at Poly, he says wireless is one of the main “must-haves” from players:

Lightweight comfort and wireless design are two must-haves we consistently hear gamers are looking for in their favourite gaming headset. Not only does RIG 700 Series answer that call, but it also brings competitive gamers the audio precision they crave, and endurance build that they need to rack-up their wins and get totally immersed in gameplay.

Most gamers are wanting that wireless feel with lag-free sound, and the RIG 700 delivers on this. Plus, it features a 30-minute fast charge for 2 hours of game time. This is super handy for those times you forget to charge your headset. Let’s be honest — who hasn’t done that?

It’s also worth noting the 700 series retails for $199.95 AU RRP, whilst the 400 series is only $79.95 AU RRP. EB Games currently has a summer sale on both headsets, bringing the prices down considerably.

Choose your gear

The choice is up to you in the end. Do you want something that’s 29 grams lighter in the 400 series? Or do you want the ease and convenience of a wireless headset? For me, I like the cameo colors, the slightly lighter headset, and the dual headband design, so I’ll be sticking with the 400 series. But if you want the full immersion of sound and a wireless headset, it’s a done deal with the 700 series!

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