Red Reserve relaunches with new management and branding
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European esports organization Red Reserve has relaunched under new management after the company’s collapse in April 2019. Red Reserve has been purchased by Kim Alden, the owner of Relentless Esports LTD, a UK mobile organization. The organization announced the relaunch via their new Twitter page, marking a new era for Red Reserve. They will focus on mobile gaming, particularly PUBG Mobile, to start.

The old Red Reserve

During the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season, the Red Reserve team disbanded due to internal issues with the organization. The team was reportedly told to leave their team house in Las Vegas. This was as a result of the organization failing to pay the rent. As well as this, players were owed $40,000 in prize money and salary payments.

In an interview with Esports Insider, Alden was questioned about the debts that the old RR organization owes. Alden described this as the “million dollar question.” Then he went on to argue that this Red Reserve is a new organization under new management; therefore, they believe that they are not responsible for other people’s old debts.

The new Red Reserve

In a press release, Alden addressed the issue of the events that took place under the old management. He stated that the new management “completely understand the reputation that comes with the name RR.” Furthermore, they “will build trust back and we will show how RR should operate(;) we have reverted back to its original logo to symbolise a return to its more successful years.”

In addition, the organization Relentless Esports LTD has moved its team over to sign with Red Reserve. This will help build the popularity of RR as fans of the Relentless players will move over to RR with them.

To begin, Red Reserve will have a team playing in the PUBGM PMCO Spring Split. The organization will also soon announce a €500 invitational tournament and intends to offer sponsorship opportunities. For the fans, the organization has launched a Discord where they can interact with the staff, players, and each other, in order to build a new community.

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