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We all know Razer has been kicking goals with its partnerships recently. The team over at Legacy Esports will be getting lots of fancy pieces of Razer tech to play with. Word on the street is many pros are using the Razer Huntsman keyboard and the Razer Viper mouse. It’s their weapon of choice. But would it be yours? We got a hold of both the Huntsman and the Viper. Let’s put them to the test.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Keyboard

Last year we received the Razer Huntsman keyboard. The Huntsman Tournament Edition (TE) has a lot of the same goodness as the standard. The two main differences are the standard edition is a full-sized keyboard, complete with number pad. By comparison, the Huntsman TE is a smaller keyboard without the number pad. The TE edition only comes in the red linear optical switches whilst the Huntsman has the purple Octo-Mechanical switch. Red switches are much less “clicky.” It feels tactile when you push buttons and the Razer red linear optical switches are much faster than traditional linear switches.

The small design and shape wouldn’t work without the compact extras. The USB cable is detachable, making it easy to carry around as well as being neatly tucked away. All in all, this is a pretty neat, tidy, and sturdy keyboard perfect for esports.

Razer Viper mouse

The Razer Viper has been one coveted mouse. PC Magazine put it as one of the best mice of 2019. Tech Radar rated it number three for 2020, Games Radar number four, and Wired called it the “best wireless mouse” of 2020. So obviously we had to see what all the fuss is about.

First up, the Viper Ultimate is Razer’s fastest wireless gaming mouse. It’s equipped with rubbery anti-slip slides and has a built-in intelligent Focus+ Optical Sensor. This makes it fast, but also accurate. It’s super lightweight at only 74 grams too, making it an agreeable companion to the sleek and compact Huntsman TE. It lasts about 70 hours on battery and has the standard 16.8 million lighting colors.

If you’ve read any of our other reviews like for the Basilisk, you’ll know I like symmetrical mice. Not just for their overall look, but they feel better. The Viper has the added bonus that it’s got an ambidextrous chassis. This is definitely your go-to mouse if you’re left-handed. Either way, we love this mouse for its sleek, symmetrical design.

Designed for speed, performance, and longevity. (Image: Razer)

The perfect pair?

Both the Razer Huntsman TE and Viper are super lightweight, compact, pack neatly, and are easily transportable. In this sense, they really are a potent combination for esports pros on the go. If you happen to have your hands on a Razer keyboard bag, these are a great addition to your gaming combo. The Huntsman TE and Viper fit snugly into the bag. There’s also space for Razer Hammerhead Duo headphones and other little knickknacks.

If you’re a pro yourself or looking to compete, these items are a great buy — or even if you simply travel a lot for work and want to carry around a keyboard and mouse. You won’t be disappointed with the Huntsman TE and Viper combo. The only catch is these products only come in the classic Razer black. If you’re looking for the mercury white or quartz pink, then you’ll need to check out some of Razer’s other products.

Retail, you’re looking at $129.99 USD ($256.95 AUD) for the Huntsman TE and $149.99 USD ($220.95 AUD) for the Viper. The Razer keyboard bag is $29.99 USD ($49.95 AUD).

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