Razer Hammerhead Duo review - The next step in lightweight audio immersion
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You might remember from my Razer Ifrit review that I really dislike in-ear headphones. I just find it weird to stick things in your ears to hear things. I’d much rather use an over-head audio set like the Kraken. Then my team and I qualified for the Girl Gamer Festival in Sydney and I found out we have to wear earbuds on stage. In-ears for sound, and over-earphones for white noise. You can imagine my annoyance when I needed to get used to in-earphones. Well, all that annoyance quickly washed away with the Hammerhead Duo.

Firstly, these earphones are comfortable — like, super comfy. If you read my Nari Ultimate review, then you’ll realize I have a small head and small ears. The first thing I did when I unboxed my Hammerheads was to change the size. The Hammerhead Duo comes in three different silicon tip sizes. While some people find these frustrating to change, there’s a neat little trick to swiftly swap these tips out. Simply flip the silicon bud inside out, squeeze the bud together to create a wide opening at the top, then slip it over the earpiece. It’s really easy and perfect for matching a wide range of ear sizes. With this improved fit and choice on size, the earphones fit snugly into the groove of your ear. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing things in your ears, they are just so comfy!

Better sound

The Razer Hammerhead Duo is said to have “double the immersion.” With improved sound quality and dual drivers (hence Hammerhead Duo), you’ll have great sound on the go, all the time. The dual drivers separate the deep bass sound from mid-range and high-frequencies. This means the sound you hear is much richer and clearer. It’s perfect for listening to music on-the-fly, watching movies, or gaming on stage like we did at Girl Gamer. It still comes with all the great features headphones need like in-line audio controls and the generic 3.5mm analogue jack. Plus, the Hammerhead Duo has an aluminium frame and braided cables for longer durability.

The Hammerhead Duo is available at $59.99 US ($109 AUD). There’s also a version specifically for the Nintendo Switch at the same price. The Switch edition comes with a carry case and slightly varied audio controls, and it features a silver Razer logo instead of the generic green. For a full list of the specs, and to purchase, check out the Razer website.

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