Raised by Kings releases 7 Fortnite players, including JLove & Zyppaan
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The esports organization Raised by Kings (RBK) announced they released their North American Fortnite roster and Pontus “Zyppan” Eek. The team let go of seven players: Jack “JLove” Spendlove, Joseph “JeRM” Mosley, Joshua “Ronin” Dahling, Dylan “JDW” Wright, Matthew “Gilly” Walters, Austin “Steanzz” Lucchesi, and Pontus “Zyppaan” Eek. RBK kept two European players on their competitive roster. Ultimately, the decision came from an overall shift to focus on content creation.

Raised by Kings started as a competitive Fortnite team. Then they quickly grew into a recognized name in all of Fortnite. Now, RBK looks to improve the balance between content creation and competitive Fortnite.

Raised by Kings to shift towards content creation

Raised by Kings released six North American players and one European player. The only remaining players are Europeans Jimmy “Ritz” Christensen and Theo “LeftEye” Broman. Joao Nunes, owner, spoke about the decision and future of RBK shortly after the announcement, saying, “We want to shift our focus towards creating content.” The owner believes that Raised by Kings should engage better with their fans: “I think I should be responsible for giving that opportunity to our players.”

This is not the end of RBK. They plan to continue to grow and are considering multiple different avenue to do so. Raised by Kings is already in discussions with other players and content creators, and fans should expect further announcements before the end of 2020. Another idea that Nunes threw around was a content creation house.

7 new free agents

The former Raised by Kings players boast an impressive resume. Five out of seven players qualified for the Fortnite Season X Finals. Additionally, they have a growing social media presence. It would not be surprising if several players are recruited by other esports organizations. Joao Nunes had nothing but good things to say about the players as they parted ways.

It is great to see a team part with their players on amicable terms. Both the organization and players should continue to succeed.