PUBG Mobile partners with The Walking Dead for skins and board game
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Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile announced it will be partnering with The Walking Dead for an exclusive limited-time in-game event. With this collaboration, there will be a The Walking Dead board game implemented. Players can use this to earn classic and supply crate coupons, weapon skins, and even motorcycle skins.

The Walking Dead partnership

The board game, which can be located on the Events tab, is a new concept in PUBG Mobile. Players can choose three different vehicles to move around the board, which include the motorcycle, compact Tukshai vehicle, and pickup truck. Each vehicle has a different function, where the motorcycle allows players to move up to two spots. The Tukshai vehicle enables players to move three or four spots, while the pickup truck is five to six. 

PUBG Mobile The Walking Dead board game

There are various spots on the map that have an icon above them, which have positive and negative effects. If a player lands on a good item, they will get points added to their score. However, players can also have points deducted. On the right-hand sidebar, one can see various rewards to redeem their points for. In order to choose a vehicle, players must spend gas cans that are refreshed daily. One will earn a free gas can just for logging in each day and can also earn extra gas cans by completing missions.

PUBG Mobile rewards

Players can redeem their points for four rewards. There are two crate options that include a supply crate coupon for 10 points and a classic crate coupon for 30 points. In addition, players can also get a 10-day silver bullet AKM weapon skin for 60 points. Finally, Daryl’s motorcycle skin is featured at 120 points. Don’t worry if you’ve almost completed your board but have not gotten enough points. The map will automatically regenerate if completed and also give a player extra rewards. 

There are also other skins in the collaboration apart from the board game. These consist of a Daryl Dixon skin, Rick Grimes skin, Negan skin, Michonne skin, Michonne’s Katana skin, and Negan’s Bat “Lucille” skin. While this is a great partnership for the game, many players seem to have been drawn away by Call of Duty’s recent mobile release. There were also reports earlier this month that traditional PUBG had hit an all-time low for player base, according to Steam Charts. 

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.