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Cheating is one of the worst things that can happen in a multiplayer game. This problem has affected almost every game, where players try to gain an advantage through the unauthorized use of third party programs. Whether using scripts to automate a task or blatantly aimbotting, cheaters are a major problem, especially in PUBG Mobile. To address this, PUBG Corporation has announced new rules to target hackers and cheaters in their mobile game.

PUBG Mobile 

“We have always strived to deliver a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player and prevent cheating. We take this issue very seriously; as such, each account in violation has received a 10-year ban,” wrote PUBG Corporation in a statement. “We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play, and thank you for keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun.”

PUBG Corporation has banned almost 2,400 players with this update. Most of them are banned for reasons from “Modification of Runtime Game Data” to “Usage of Single Point Enlargement”. While some of the cheats used aren’t as game-breaking as an aimbot, they still allow players to gain an advantage such as magnifying players that are a long-distance away. The statement also requests players to flag players they think are cheating through the in-game reporting function. When a cheater is banned, the player who initiates the report is notified of it.

Cheater problem 

While cheating is still frowned upon in games like Pokémon, it doesn’t directly affect another player’s experience. However, hacking in a multiplayer shooter game like PUBG Mobile ruins the game for everyone. This problem is even more blatant on mobile shooter games than the PC equivalent because the mobile version is harder to play. It is obvious when someone is cheating on the mobile version, whereas it could just be a player with good aim or skill on PC. 

“We will continue to enforce stringent discipline against cheaters and publish the IDs of confirmed cheaters. Thank you for helping us make PUBG MOBILE a better game,” writes PUBG Corporation to end their fair play statement.

A list of cheater usernames and their ranking is displayed below the update, with many of the players boasting high rankings. However, it is unsure whether players will be able to easily bypass their bans through the creation of a new account. Will a 10 year ban deter cheaters in a free to play game? Let us know what you think, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds coverage.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.