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Former battle royale king, PUBG, will be adding a couple big name skins to their roster. According to the game’s Twitter, they will be bringing in DC’s Harley Quinn and Joker as available in-game skins.

A big collaboration between Bluehole Inc, the publishers of PUBG, Warner Bros, and DC Comics may bring players back to their game after all. They would tweet out, “Okay, honey. It’s me and you.”, while showing off gameplay with the two new skins. Their appearance stems from the Warner Bros movie, Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn is wearing her “Daddy’s Little Monster” cropped shirt, a “Puddin” choker necklace, and blue and pink pigtails. She also has spiked bracelets and face makeup.

For Joker, he has a simpler attire, but still true to the movie version of himself. He will have green hair and face tattoos as head alterations. He will also be given a white suit, like the one he would wear in the movie. He would use the Tommy gun in the trailer, a weapon that he would use in the movie in multiple occasions. Additionally, they may be introducing a new melee weapon to the game. Harley Quinn is seen wielding her trademark baseball bat, which means players may be able to use bats in-game as well. However, it is also a possibility that it is a cosmetic item, but that is not likely.

Fortnite/Marvel and PUBG/DC

PUBG collaborated with DC Comics, seemingly as a response to rival battle royale game, Fortnite. Fortnite would collaborate with some big name themselves, the most recent being the NFL. However, as a huge crossover, the record-setting video game would join Marvel with their Avengers: Infinity War collaboration.

Their Thanos mode, where players can play as the world-ending villain, Thanos. As Thanos, you could super jump, smash buildings and enemies with a punch, and fire lasers from the gauntlet. Now, if we look at which game has had a more successful 2018, it is easy to say Fortnite has taken over than margin. Many people say that PUBG should stop creating meaningless cosmetics and should focus on fixing and improving the game itself.

Community Complaints

For some time now, fans have been complaining about the plethora of bugs and problems in the game. Instead of trying to rectify them, PUBG would release multiple skins instead. Additionally, this may not even help in their race to catch up to Fortnite in terms of popularity. Suicide Squad came out quite a long time ago, and would actually receive some pretty bad reviews.

However, the big problem with PUBG is their lack of innovation. There isn’t enough variety in the game to warrant playing time over Fortnite. Even with these new skins, they do not offer anything besides a very basic cosmetic change. Even these Joker and Harley Quinn skins don’t look too great on the basic PUBG models. With Fortnite, the skins give plenty of changes, such as sound and visual effects. Also, Fortnite usually adds plenty of other things, such as drop trails, emotes, and other things to convince players to purchase the skin.

What are your thoughts on the new Joker and Harley Quinn skins? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more PUBG news, check us out here!