PUBG Guide: How to get your first solo chicken dinner
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It may seem pointless to put time and effort into a video game just for it to award you with a virtual chicken dinner win. However, the fact that you are the final person standing out of one hundred players is what all PUBG players dream of.

Winning your first game is not an easy task. The majority of PUBG is based on luck as some players can land on a cluster of weapons whilst you’re running around with a pan. Therefore, the following guide will be based on a passive playstyle, so for those that land at school every round, good luck!

Setting up

It is important that you adjust your controls and settings before going for the chicken dinner.

As players have all types of PC specifications and preferred binds, I cannot suggest any setting. Although, my tip is to play around with the settings and use the same interactive controls as a previous game you’ve played. For myself, I played a lot of Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike, so I changed my interactive control binds in PUBG to the same. This is something most players do when transitioning to a new game as your mind is used to the controls you’ve been previously using.

Dropping into the game

It’s now your chance to grind up a nice inventory and use everything you may have learnt from previous rounds to secure the win.

Choosing a location to drop to get geared up and survive is an important decision. Where other players land is completely unpredictable. But, landing at places like Hacienda, School, or Bootcamp, it’s less likely you’re going to get out alive.

Keep eyes on the plane’s path before jumping as this will allow you to depict which towns and areas will likely have the most players. Landing at a town two grids away from the plane path is your best bet to surviving longer.

The example picture below shows a plane path on Erangel. It is likely that a lot of players will go to the military base as it is the closest and a popular place to land. Towns at the top of the map are not accessible from the jump as your parachute will not lead that far, however, landing early to find a vehicle and then driving up is a not a bad method to get away from the heat.

The PUBG flight plan

When you do decide to make a move to a town, always look 360 degrees around you and make a mental note of where other players are landing.


When looting a building, it is important that you also keep your ears and eyes on doors and surrounding buildings.

A common occurrence is for players to run around a building looting while completely disregarding players pushing up on them. From personal experience, nearly 60 percent of fights take place inside or around a building, so it is important that you loot and get out quickly.

Should you hunt airdrops for a better advantage?

Airdrops are tricky in solo rounds. Not only does it act as a magnet for players to get their hands on better gear, it is also notorious for campers. By all means, you can hunt airdrops, but my advice would be to hunt the early drops as players will be spaced out.

In addition to this, getting a crate weapon early on in the game will give you the upper hand as most players will still be looting for better gear. However, if you’re running around a field with a ghillie suit on and a player spots you, they will instantly be aware that you have crate weapons and may target you for the loot.

PUBG air drops


If you get shot while you’re trying to win the game it can mess with your thoughts as you may panic. It is important that you: stay calm, clock your opponent straight away, and find cover to avoid the shots and give you time to fight back. This is not a combat guide so I won’t be going into how to take down your enemy. Although, you can check out my combat tips here if you’re struggling with the best ways to fight an opponent.

20 players remaining

The top 20 is your starting point to winning your first game. Most players at this point are geared up and choosing their positions. The zone is usually closing in tighter and players could be hiding or running around anywhere. This is normally when I turn my volume up on my headphones to give me as much awareness as possible.

A top 20 around a hill is typically the time where you want to position yourself at the top. Not only will this give you more sight of the zone, it will also give you much more protection to players below. For example, if you take fire at a player below you, you will have an advantage due to your height and if the player returns fire, you can simply retreat further around the hill and hit from another angle.

Getting an angle in PUBG

There are many scenarios but the zone is unpredictable so my advice is to always stay around the edge of the zone and go to places with as much cover as possible.

10 players remaining

Typically the time where the heart starts racing and you can almost smell the chicken dinner. However, this is now the time to slow everything down and really think about your movement.

You will need to listen out for shots and keep a mental note of where each shot is coming from to confirm the positioning of other players around you. You will also need to use the terrain and any source of cover closest to you without making too much noise or moving out into the open.

Keep your eyes on the zone and keep tabs on any players that you can see or hear.

Win the chicken!

Whatever the situation may be – four enemies remaining or just two left – you’re in cover and know where each player is.

The passive approach would be to let the fight happen. However, my approach will be to aim and fire at the remaining players. Use your combat techniques and movement behind cover to your advantage and never give up on the glory. Take out the players closest to you and aim to finish on a long-ranged fight. Longer ranged fights are much easier to win as you have more time to heal or more time to flank around to the last player.

Once you’ve defeated the final player, it’s time to feast on your well-deserved win. Stay in the lobby until the timer ends just to see your name at number one on the screen. It’s a great feeling, I can assure you.

But, if this happens…

Making the top 10 in PUBG

Don’t do what I did which was throw my mouse at a wall and have to go out and buy a new one.

Hopefully, you learnt something from this PUBG guide. We’d love to hear about your first chicken dinner in the comments.