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PUBG Corp. has announced that it will be changing how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds handles loot crates. Starting Nov. 20, players will start to see these changes go live with a new crate. This Venetian Crate will be purchasable with Battle Points, and starting with it, all future crates will be unlocked. The Venetian Crate has a 0.05 drop rate for the Venetian – Mini14 and a 0.35 drop rate for the Tick Tock – M416.

PUBG Venetian Crate

On Nov. 27, the Venetian Crate will be discontinued but still available through random purchases. The odds of getting locked crates through random purchases will be lowered as well. Come Dec. 18, PUBG will no longer drop locked crates from random crate purchases. Locked crates will still be purchasable through the marketplace, however. Players will also still be able to purchase keys, but only if they own a locked crate in their inventory.

PUBG Loot Crate changes details

PUBG is making changes to the items that players can receive in loot crates as well. Per the devs, we can expect to see the following changes:

  • More preferred skins now appear in lower tiers and AR category skins are evenly distributed from top to bottom tiers.
  • The overall graphic quality of crate skins have been enhanced to ensure that the quality is adequate when compared to the paid weapons.
  • The quality of the items in the middle tiers of crates was improved and the likelihood of obtaining them was increased by about 20%.
  • The probability of obtaining the top tier items was increased as well but they will still remain difficult to obtain in order to not impact the market value of the skins or crates.

According to the post, the team is aware that players have been asking for changes. They are also aware that locked loot boxes were typically worth less than other PUBG items. Players did not feel rewarded for winning an item that they had to pay to unlock. “Whether you play without additional spend, purchase the seasonal Survivor Passes, pick up cool skins on the Store, or open and sell crates on the Marketplace, we want your interaction with PUBG to be worth your time and money.”

Let us know how you feel about the changes coming to PUBG in the comments below. Make sure to follow Daily Esports for your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds coverage.

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