PUBG releases a brand-new event mode: Mutant Mayhem
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Another update, another event mode! Straight after PUBG introduced Update #21 to the mix, the new Mutant Mayhem event mode will be live tomorrow.

The Mutant Mayhem event mode is a chance for players to get to grips with the newly introduced MK47 Mutant. And once again, the event mode is a War Mode gametype in which players spawn in a small area of the map and battle it out in ten teams of four aiming for the good ol’ famous chicken dinner!

Just a week after the VSS event mode, it looks like it’s the Mk47’s time to shine! But does this mean every new weapon the game introduces will have its own event mode?

All-New MK47 Mutant

The new MK47 Mutant is a heavy assault rifle, which is described as the early-game DMR due its long-ranged burst ability as well as being controllable close-range.

Event Schedule

The new event mode, scheduled for September 14 at 4:00am CEST, will run over the weekend until September 17 at 4:00am CEST.

Plenty of time to get to know the new weapon! Personally, I think the new weapon is a great idea as it gives players a useful weapon to use for long- and close-ranged combat rather than holding an assault rifle and a DMR which uses up both slots.

Available Queues

The regions and perspectives available on this week event mode are:

  • NA/EU/AS: TPP and FPP

Event Rules:

  • War mode
  • All players spawn with the Mk47 Mutant, a Lvl 1 vest, and 100 rounds of – 7.62mm ammunition
  • Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 40 seconds
  • Four-person squads only. Maximum 40 players.
  • Time of day: Sunset
  • Red zones disabled
  • Care packages disabled
  • Killer Spectating disabled
  • Friendly fire disabled

What do you think of the new event mode – will you be trying it out yourself? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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