PUBG delays Chinese Global Series qualifiers over coronavirus concerns
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) announced that it will be delaying the Chinese qualifiers citing health concerns surrounding the coronavirus. PUBG joins several other companies that are delaying competitions, including Blizzard’s Overwatch League, and Riot Games’ Pacific Champion League.

While the PUBG Global Series (PGS) has currently only confirmed Berlin as the first of three global events, a China-based qualifier would be expected. This is due to the country’s massive player base. Late last year, it was estimated that China’s market makes up over 19% of PUBG Mobile‘s player base. 

Much of the concern over the coronavirus is how easily transmissible it is. Those with the virus could potentially infect other even without showing symptoms, which can take anywhere from two to 14 days to develop. Coronavirus can pose as other illnesses, as symptoms include a fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

PUBG Global Series and beyond

For each PGS event, a total of 32 teams who participate in regional qualifying tournaments will compete. The top four teams from the most recent global competition will automatically qualify for the next event. Meanwhile, the remaining 28 teams must compete to narrow down the field to a total of 16 teams entering the finals.

From here, teams will take their points and compete in the next two PGS events. They will subsequently fight to be one of the 16 teams that competes in the 2020 PUBG World Champions (PGC) event. 12 of the spots will go to the highest-ranked teams based on the total of points earned across all three PGS events. However, the last four entries will be the top four teams from the last PGS, as they will automatically qualify for the PGC.

PGS: Berlin will take place over nine days. Qualifying matches will start on March 31, with group and elimination matches concluding on April 5. After that, the grand finals will take place on April 10 with a winning team to be determined on April 12.

Esports teams banding together to fight for public health

Recently, Chinese publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and tech giant Tencent committed to donate to relief efforts. This includes sending face masks and encouraging Chinese citizens to use WeChat to find local fever clinics. Esports organization Team Aster also donated to help combat the spread of the virus. 

As the coronavirus outbreak continues we will update the story with developments as they arise. For more PUBG news make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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