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As the top 100 FIFA 19 players were recently revealed, the whole database has finally been released. Sites such as FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD have pretty much the whole database on their sites. This means that players are able to plan their starter squads. However, EA has officially released the top Premier League players in each position category. If you want to check out EA’s official page on these players, you can see that here.

The Premier League is England’s top league. This is often referred to as the most competitive league in the world with hundreds of players from different nations. This means that there are many different types of players that you can choose from in the league. As EA released the official ratings for some of the best players in the league, we now know some players that may fit into your Premier League team during the FIFA 19 cycle.


Goalkeepers are a huge part of FIFA. They are the final line of defense when it comes to keeping a clean sheet. With this in mind, you would want a keeper with a plethora of good stats, merged into one. These stats are as follows:

  • Height
  • Reflexes
  • Diving
  • Traits

We are unaware of the traits for the goalkeepers currently. However, we can choose some good keepers based off of the other stats that we have access to.

Petr Cech

As Petr Cech is coming to the end of his career at Arsenal, his Ultimate Team item is slowly depleting. However, as his item is referred to as “common,” we can expect to see him a lot in the game. He may be good for a starter team since he will most likely be cheap, due to this rarity. As well as being cheap, he may also be great in terms of performance in the game. Things such as diving and reflexes around the 80 mark are not too bad for a goalkeeper. You will also be able to apply some consumables to boost these stats. Finally, his height at 6’5” is great for a goalkeeper. This means that it is unlikely that he will be chipped, and he will be able to reach most shots that come his way.

Rui Patricio

Another keeper who may be cheap at the start of the game is Rui Patricio. He is a new addition to the Premier League this season; however, he will certainly be one to look out for at the start of the game. Being a tall goalkeeper, he will have the same perks as Petr Cech, but with some improved statistics in other areas. All of his keeping ratings are around the 80 mark, with 85 diving. This goalkeeper will be great for most of the year in those “overpowered” Premier League Squads.

Other considerations

Obviously, your options are diverse and good in their own ways. However, the more expensive keepers such as David De Gea and Hugo Lloris will be great, as usual. This is due to their all-around great statistics and also their traits. In previous years, David De Gea has been great due to the “save with feet” trait. This meant that he was good at saving the (previously overpowered) low-driven shot in the game.


Defenders in FIFA have mostly been known to make a lot of mistakes such as giving the ball away or making bad challenges to give away fouls. However, the best defenders will have good numbers in areas such as these:

  • Pace
  • Physicality
  • Defending (obviously)

With these statistics in mind, the top 10 defenders all have these good numbers in abundance. However, there are some that stand out.

Davinson Sanchez

The Colombian center-back is great for most scenarios in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. He may not be the option for most players due to his high stats that make him expensive at the release of the game. However, having over 75 pace and 84 defending will make him a good choice throughout the year. Also, having over 80 physicality will also allow him to shrug off most strikers with ease. He is great to link up with other players who could make it into your team. Players such as Jan Vertonghen (the highest-rated center-back in the Premier League), Kieran Tripper, and Hugo Lloris will be good players to play around Sanchez.

Virgil Van Dijk

In my opinion, Virgil Van Dijk is one of the best defenders in the Premier League. (I am a Liverpool fan.) Similarly, he is high in the rankings in FIFA too. He is basically a juiced-up version of Davinson Sanchez. This is due to his high pace, 85 defending, and 84 physicality. He is also 6’4″, which means he will win most headers. One problem with Liverpool defenders is the ball control; it is good to see Virgil Van Dijk with 70 dribbling and 67 passing. These stats show that he will be reliable in game.


Midfielders are often the players who control the game. Whether they are attacking or defensive, they will be involved in your gameplay a huge amount. This means that they need to be reliable in most areas. They will need good stats in the following:

  • Passing
  • Physicality
  • Shooting

In my opinion, the best midfielders will have great statistics in all areas, such as Ruud Gullit or Clarence Seedorf. However, there are some great alternatives in the Premier League.

Moussa Dembele

The Belgian tank, Moussa Dembele, has always been a great player in FIFA. His skill moves and all-around stats make him great for any position in your team. I personally used him at center-attacking-midfield at the end of FIFA 18, and he was poaching goals left, right, and center. He will also be a great player in FIFA 19, I am sure. Finally, the only let-down for Moussa Dembele is his 2-star week foot. This means that his shooting will most likely be poor when it comes to his right foot. However, you won’t notice it with his passing.

Paul Pogba

Pogba was once the most expensive player ever. This is due to his ability to control the game skillfully and with power. His stats are great all around, but he is best suited to an attacking role in my opinion. His 85 dribbling and 87 physicality allow him to run through defenders like they aren’t even there. Mixed with 5-star skills, he is a very fun player to use in the game. He will also be even better once he secures some special cards. His only downfall is that he will most likely cost upwards of 500,000 coins throughout the game.


Attackers in Premier League football mostly have the same traits, with some being better than others. Most attackers will have high numbers in areas such as the following:

  • Skills
  • Pace
  • Shooting

With these stats in mind, let’s find some examples from the top 10 attackers.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is extremely clinical and fast when it comes to scoring goals for Leicester City. He possesses all but one of the key stats in the game. However, the high pace, strength, and shooting of Jamie Vardy make the lack of skills irrelevant. His aggressive nature also ensures that he is able to run through players with ease, similar to Paul Pogba. He will also most likely be quite cheap when it comes to the release of FIFA 19, so he will be good in that field too.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard has all of the key statistics in FIFA 19. He is able to do a lot of the things that most players will want from him. This is why he is the highest-rated attacker in the Premier League. As well as being great in all attacking areas, his agility is something that most other players do not possess. He will be a fantastic player in the game. However, he will most likely be extremely expensive at the start of the game, so he will be a player to work towards throughout the year.

Which players will you be picking up from the Premier League in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? We’d love to hear from you. Also, we will be covering FIFA 19 news throughout the release period of the game. You can check out our other articles here.