PlayStation CEO claims PS5 backwards compatibility for PS4 games
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Although PlayStation 5 doesn’t seem to support backwards compatibility for PlayStations 1 to 3, they’re definitely singing a completely different tune with PS4. After the PlayStation 5 showcase, CEO and President Jim Ryan told the Washington Post that they tested “thousands of games” for backwards compatibility, and 99% of these tested were compatible.

One thing that PC gamers never have to worry about over console players is the issue of backwards compatibility. One of the PlayStation 2’s biggest draws was that it was backwards compatible with PSOne titles. The Xbox 360 touted the same with original Xbox games. Microsoft realized its mistake with the lack of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One and quickly reverted its stance. One of the PlayStation 4’s biggest criticisms was that it didn’t really attempt to do the same for PlayStation 3 games. Perhaps Sony has learned from its past as well.

“No one should be disappointed,” Ryan emphasized. Not to mention that Sony also announced a new service, the PS Plus Collection. This will offer 18 PS4 first-party games to subscribers. It sounds like Sony and PlayStation really want to make sure they cover all of the bases for fans.

PS5 backwards compatibility with long PS4 life span

Ryan also mentioned that he expects up to four more years for the PS4’s life span. Considering that the PS2 had a total life span of 13 years, running about until the PS3’s middle of life, this estimate makes complete sense. Eleven years total for the PS4 life span tracks with this.

“The PS4 community will continue to be incredibly important to us for three or four years,” Ryan said. “Many will transition to PS5, we hope if we do our job well, but tens of millions will still be engaged with the PS4.”

All of this is great news for PlayStation 4 owners, even those who plan to upgrade to a PS5. At least they will know no matter what they choose to do and when, they can still count on support for their PS4 games.