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Overwatch fans were wondering if this year would even have a Winter Wonderland, but it just seems that it’s later than usual. The Overwatch team has announced that the Winter Wonderland event this year will happen from December 15 to January 5. So far, the teaser trailer only hints at a new penguin-themed Mei skin. Fans are wondering if this longer wait means a new event game mode, instead of the usual yeti hunt or snowball modes from previous years. However, having this event come back is nice to see after speculation of it not even happening this year.

Winter Wonderland returns

Turns out the first option from the article we wrote two days ago was true, where we hypothesized that the event would take place later than usual. This is definitely the case, as Winter Wonderland starts early next week with new skins, voice lines, and game modes coming as usual. It’s interesting how the European Overwatch Twitter revealed this, yet the official one has not. Usually, an event like this is promoted or hinted at weeks in advance. Maybe, with the pandemic and all, things just needed more time than last year.

The penguin skin for Mei revealed in the trailer was shown with her little robot pal Snowball being dressed up as a little penguin. We don’t know as of right now if this means Mei will be also a penguin or if she’ll have something to match. Also, there is a small chance that the actual video itself could be a highlight intro for Mei as well, which is the video that plays when you get a Play of the Game. If it focuses on Snowball, that would be a nice touch for this Winter Wonderland event.

That’s all for now, but it’s nice to see that the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is sticking around for 2020 and partly into 2021.

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