Overwatch November patch brings big quality of life changes to Heroes
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November’s Overwatch patch notes are here, and they bring some nice quality-of-life changes for several Heroes. Most of these changes aren’t groundbreaking, but they should help you out.

Here are all the changes in the patch, which is live on retail servers now.

Overwatch patch notes

Quality of life updates

  • Ana: Biotic Grenade now passes through allies at full health
  • Hanzo: Can now manually cancel his Storm Arrows
  • Mei: Can now manually destroy her Ice Wall while she’s dead
  • Symmetra: Can now manually destroy her Teleporter while she’s dead
  • Torbjorn: Can now manually destroy his Turret while he’s dead

Ana gets a nice change here with her Biotic Grenade. In the past, if you attempted to throw it at an enemy but a healthy teammate moved into the way, you would hit them and the ability would usually go to waste. This was particularly annoying when trying to throw the grenade past tanks like Roadhog or Reinhardt with big hitboxes.

The rest of the changes here help give you options when it comes to your abilities. Having the ability to destroy your wall as Mei, for example, could change a fight. While destroying your own turret or canceling storm arrows probably aren’t as important, these changes provide additional options for controlling your Hero.

Overwatch patch

Balance updates

  • Brigitte: Base Health down from 175 to 150 (no changes to her base armor amount)
  • Moira: Healing resource consumption rate lowered from 14 to 12.5

Brigitte seems to be perpetually overpowered in Overwatch, so this is another attempt to keep her in line with other Heroes. Moira will use fewer resources when healing, which should help her healing output over the course of the game.

Other updates

  • Support heroes no longer say “Group up with me” when they are missing health and request healing

This change will be useful for other healers on the team, as it will now alert them that the other healer needs healing.

That’s that for now — make sure to go test out the new Overwatch patch for yourself.