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We’ve heard all about it. Operation Grim Sky is coming to a Rainbow Six Siege patch near you. It’s high time we received a release date on this DLC. The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account announced that Operation Grim Sky will go live this coming Tuesday, September 4.

With the advent of Operation Grim Sky, two new stellar additions to the operator lineup, Clash and Maverick as a defender and attacker respectively, will join the fray. Furthermore, the Consulate and Hereford Base maps will receive a bit of a makeover. Additionally, new cosmetic items for avatars and weapons alike will come with the update. Finally, Ubisoft has stated that tweaks will be made with the Operation Grim Sky patch adjusting existing weapons and equipment and other technical fixes. Here’s what Ubisoft’s posting states:

Year Three Season Three is bringing forth modifications to address weapon sights misalignment, an adjustment with the Operator Idle Pick, and improvements to dynamic resolution scaling on consoles. Hatches are also getting a rework which will improve their destruction. Finally, in addition to gameplay and technical fixes, expect a map buff on Consulate.

Check out the link here for all the latest on the Operation Grim Sky patch notes.

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