Off-Tank Michelle joins the Toronto Defiant - Upcomer
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Within the Overwatch League, the Toronto-based team have completed their tank signings. The Toronto Defiant has signed Korean off-tank player Min-hyuk “Michelle” Choi, formerly of the Seoul Dynasty and Lucky Future Zenith. This also seemingly completes the Defiant’s tanks, with Adam “Beast” Denton and Su-min “SADO” Kim as his teammates.

Michelle’s past

Originally, Michelle started playing competitive Overwatch for Korean team Ardeont, which ended up winning the 2017 Pacific Championship. At the time, the team had many future Overwatch League talents, such as Min-seong “diem” Bae and Myeong-hwan “smurf” Yoo. Yet, they played in the Pacific region over the Korea region, which was much different in style. After Ardeont disbanded, Michelle and some of his team joined Lucky Future Zenith. Together, they ended up winning two seasons of Chinese Contenders before a majority of their team left to the Overwatch League. This included Michelle, who joined his tank teammate Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang by joining the Seoul Dynasty.

Michelle, playing for the Dynasty.

With the playtime Seoul gave him, Michelle proved to be Overwatch League level. However, along with most of the Seoul roster, inconsistency was a key issue. They would overperform some matches and underperform others. He did stick on the Seoul roster after his first season, but as the meta shifted he was often stuck to the bench. The team did well, even making it to the Grand Finals, but lost to the San Francisco Shock. Seoul then released Michelle, and Toronto just picked him up.

Toronto’s tanks

With this signing, it’s hard to believe that Toronto will sign another tank player. It seems that Michelle will be the starting off-tank for the Defiant next season, and the main tank will switch. Plus, another key mention in this signing is the link Michelle and head coach Dong-gun “KDG” Kim have. KDG was the head coach for Seoul when Michelle was picked up, and seemed to like his play enough to give him a chance with Toronto. Plus, while there are some non-Korean players on the Toronto roster, KDG’s experience with mixed rosters should fix any issues there. Now, Toronto technically has every role filled, but we’ll have to wait and see if they get anyone else.

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