Ninja fails to ignite crowd on New Year's Eve in Times Square - Upcomer
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It was not the way Tyler”Ninja” Blevins wanted to end 2018, but it was memorable, to say the least. Ninja was hosting a New Year’s Eve live stream, Fortnite-style. While he did try to encourage the huge crowds of people gathered in New York’s Times Square to “floss” (one of the many dance styles emotes Fortnite has available in the game), it failed miserably. The pouring rain didn’t exactly inspire the masses to get their flossing on. Some of the reactions online were making fun of how what was supposed to be an epic win for him turned into an epic fail.  You can see crowds of people literally looking at him blankly wondering what on Earth to do. Many probably don’t even know what Fortnite is.

An embarrassing moment for Ninja

Ninja had invited everyone to come and spend New Year’s Eve with him. He was probably hoping for a better performance than ultimately what he got. You can’t control Mother Nature though. This New Year’s Eve was definitely a washout. While about 1 million New Yorkers were there to ring in 2019, they 100 percent did not want to dance in the pouring rain. Really, who can blame them? Times Square is always crowded, but it is about a million times worse on the biggest night of the year, and they wanted to stay dry. He had a truly spectacular year and will probably laugh about this for the next year. I seriously doubt however he will want to attempt to do this type of event again during New Year’s. When you make about 10 million dollars a year simply playing Fortnite, you can afford some embarrassment. We will just have to wait and see what is in store for him in 2019, but I doubt he will let something like this stop his Fortnite domination.