New features announced for FIFA 19
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Thanks to this year’s EA Play 2018, it was announced that FIFA 19 would feature the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Serie A. FIFA 19 also revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo would be on the cover for the second time. On top of that, new features will be added to the gameplay. Below is a list of the upcoming features you can expect.

FIFA 19: The Journey

Yes, Alex Hunter makes his return to FIFA 19. In what is said to be the final chapter, players will now get to see how Hunter’s career ends. Introduced in FIFA 17, The Journey offered players a unique experience. Controlling one player, Alex Hunter, players were able to turn him from a promising youngster to a superstar. Will the final chapter end with Hunter winning the Champions League? Or retiring after he wins the World Cup? We’ll find out on September 28th.

Champions League Mode

Since FIFA 19 will feature the Champions League in The Journey and Career Mode, the competition will have an independent game mode. Much like the option provided in NHL video games with the Stanley Cup playoffs, players will have the opportunity to customize their own Champions League tournament and play through it.

Finishing in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 will also see a change to the way goals are scored. A new technique will allow players to control how you strike the ball when finishing. By double-tapping the shooting button, players will be able to determine how sweet the connection of the ball is when shooting. Long shots and headers will also activate the feature. Through balls will be updated as well, giving a more natural feel when players are threading a pass.

New Touch System

Control is essential during FIFA matches. Your players first touch can be decisive in winning games. FIFA 19 will now have an upgrade when it comes to player control. The new feature could see a change in the way players react with the ball, creativity, and provide more close control. The first touch will see some improvements, and the game will add some new skill moves as well.

Defending in FIFA 19

Defending has become an art form when it comes to FIFA games. FIFA 19 looks to make defending a little more comfortable with the addition of second player markers and positioning. Players will now be able to tell which second player will press the ball, with a grey marker placed over them. Pressing the L trigger will activate the feature. Players will also be able to call a midfielder to cover open spaces.


FIFA 19 sees the introduction of defensive tactics. Attacking tactics have featured in the game for some time, but defensive tactics haven’t been featured till now. Players will now be able to control how their teams win back the ball. Players will also be able to determine their team’s width, depth, and the number of players they send forward. FIFA 19 will also have different pre-game options. For example, players can set up different tactics for when they are down a goal or when they’re trying to protect a lead. Overlaps will also have an upgrade as instructions can be given depending on the type of run you want.


With the addition of both the Champions and Europa League, FIFA 19 added new commentators for the competitions. Former ESPN commentator Derek Rae and ex-Arsenal player Lee Dixon are the voices players will hear during the matches. Don’t worry, FIFA commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith will also be back.

Don’t forget that FIFA 19 will be available on September 28th, 2018. In the meantime, you can get into the World Cup fever by playing FIFA 18′s new World Cup mode.

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