New Corrupted Bundle leaked for Fortnite Season 4
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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 has really stepped up the cosmetic game. From the insane Marvel-themed items to the various Bundles released, there’s been a ton of content. However, it doesn’t appear that Epic Games is done quite yet. Notable dataminers have been able to find evidence of a new Bundle for Season 4 within the game files. Apparently named “Corrupted,” the Bundle looks to be a new take on the hero/villain theme that Season 4 utilizes. Let’s take a look at the Corrupted Bundle in Fortnite and how much it could cost.

The Corrupted Bundle in Fortnite

Following the v14.10 update, dataminers were able to dig into the game files and find all sorts of juicy content. While this content isn’t officially confirmed by Epic Games, items in the files usually come to fruition. However, still take any leaked information with the tiniest pinch of salt.

In terms of the Corrupted Bundle, miners like @ShookPA and @iFireMonkey leaked how the cosmetics could look earlier this week. Reportedly, there are three different skins, being Arachne, Insight, and Shogun. In addition, there are three specific back blings that go with the skins, which are Long Legs, Sight Slight, and Bladed Wings.

ShookPA made a concept of the skins and the outfits will immediately catch Fortnite fans’ eyes.

Here’s how the Corrupted Legends will look in the shop – The price is a placeholder. (via/ShookPA) from FortniteLeaks

The skins are quite unique and each character looks different from the other. A sort of Mayan theme, the Corrupted Bundle doesn’t currently have a price. Bundles like this in the past have cost anywhere from $15 to $25, so nothing is certain yet. In terms of a release date for the Bundle, no information was given on that front either. We’ll have to wait and see if more details are added to the Fortnite files within the coming weeks.

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