MTG Arena is receiving social updates and Color Challenges
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Wizards of the Coast has recently announced updates for Magic the Gathering: Arena (MTG Arena) that are set to launch March 12. Primarily, Wizards wanted to focus on improving player interactions. In addition, “Color Challenges” are being added for beginners to help them get acquainted with the game. Plus, a more convenient layout is going to be released for sleeve selection.

Emotes and direct messaging changes

For starters, Wizards of the Coast is adding two new emotes to MTG Arena. The first is an option to say, “Sorry!” in response to the “Oops!” emote. Meanwhile, the second response added is “Thanks!” for the “Nice!” emote. Both “Sorry!” and “Thanks!” will only appear for a short period of time after their counterpart is used.

Wizards is also adding a feature that allows players to message friends during games. However, some users may not want to be bothered while playing. So, players have been given the option to set themselves as “Busy” or “Offline.” Setting your account to “Busy” will mute notifications, whereas setting an account to “Offline” will sign players out of all social features.

Additionally, battling against friends will now count towards quest progress.

Upgraded sleeve selection

Furthermore, the MTG Arena sleeve selection layout will be changed. Players can view all of the sleeves they own in a brand new grid format, and the format will have vertical scrolling, as well as an option to select a default sleeve.

New player and friend challenge updates

Wizards has come up with a way for beginners to understand MTG Arena by creating Color Challenges. Color Challenges are missions for each color of Magic: The Gathering, and they are essentially replacing Account Mastery, which will go away. These challenges will help new players get a feel for the different play styles. Players will be able to access Color Challenges under the “Learn More” tab in MTG Arena. Completing Color Challenges will reward players with Wildcards, boosters, and more.

Overall, Wizards wanted this update to include a lot of changes to the way players interact with each other. This leaves players to rely on quests and Color Challenges for earning rewards. For more Magic: The Gathering news, tune in to Daily Esports!