Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack shows off Joker gameplay
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The official Mortal Kombat YouTube channel recently uploaded a trailer showcasing the Joker’s gameplay for Mortal Kombat 11. He has been highly anticipated ever since the release of Mortal Kombat‘s Kombat Pack roster reveals back in August 2019. The Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix becoming a huge hit also helped to put this character at the forefront of people’s minds. Since the release of the Joker’s gameplay, select players have been given the opportunity to reveal the skins, combos, intros, outros, endings, and fatalities to the public. So far, players seem pleased with what Mortal Kombat has done with the Joker, including his not-quite-Friendship Fatality.

Complete Kombat Pack roster

The characters featured on the roster are Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Terminator T-800, Sindel, Joker, and Spawn. Though the pack was revealed back in August of 2019, two characters still remain to release, being Joker and Spawn. Joker releases into early access on Jan. 28 and Spawn on March 17.

Along with the characters being released, Mortal Kombat has also thrown various themed skin packs into the Kombat Pack. The Terminator T-800 was released with the Double Feature skin pack which featured skins for Kano (Cyborg), Johnny Cage (Joker), Sonya Blade (Sarah Connor), and Cassie Cage (Harley Quinn). Sindel was released with the Gothic Horror pack featuring skins for Raiden (Vampire), Geres (Frankenstein), and Cetrion (Goddess of the Damned). For Joker’s release, DC Elseworld will include skins for Noob Saibot (The Batman Who Laughs), Baraka (Killer Crock), Geras (Time Lord of Apokolips), and Kitana (Catwoman).

The skins following Spawn’s release will remain a mystery until March. However, with the recent Gotham references, there would be no surprise if Mortal Kombat decided to create additional DC skins.

The Joker

Some players speculate the release of Joker could be a hint towards a future Injustice 3. For starters, he comes with a wide range of different suit styles. His gear includes different cane, Jack in the box, and hat options. Meanwhile, he is equipped with four victories and four introductions, all of which compliment his goofy yet sinister signature vibe. Two fatalities, brutalities, and end-of-the-round taunts are also available for players to unlock. His primary weapon is his cane. However, Joker uses many other gadgets while fighting. To name a few, he uses a small dagger, puppet, and boxing gloves.

What are your thoughts on how Mortal Kombat interpreted Joker?