Mongraal, Benjyfishy, Mitro, and MrSavage dominate Fortnite Duos
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Another week of exciting play in the Fortnite World Cup 2019. The first weekend of the Duos competition had surprise standouts and typical dominance. A duo of Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish and Martin “MrSavageM” Andersen and another duo of Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie finished on top of the EU region. David “LeNain” Bois and Tyler “Tyler15” Crews headline the NA East qualifying teams. The mechanical skills were impressive. The teamwork was even better. After just two weeks, it is quite obvious why these big names were so highly regarded.

Check out the full rebroadcast of the event if you missed it.

Impressive performances

Even without qualifying, teams showed out. There are so few spots available that players and teams will have great days without qualifying. First, there was a mobile player who made it to the finals on Monday. His performance proved that no matter the platform, anyone has a chance. Secondly, a controller player, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, finished in fifth in NA West with his partner Sean “Sean” Close. Finally, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf came within two points of qualifying for Duos after his performance last week. Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer was able to lock in another spot in New York this weekend. Stompy was the top player in the EU solos last week.

Top 10 by region

The players’ names in bold have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City. The number of teams that qualified varies by region.

NA East

  1. woofgang crimz / OT Spadess
  2. MSF Clix / MSF Sceptic
  3. Envy LeNain / LG Tyler15
  4. KEZKD / GA_phung
  5. LZR Kreo / LZR Kiwiface
  6. SEN Bugha / SEN Carose
  7. irregular. / kire up
  8. TF Cole / Legedien
  9. Rise ronaldo / Rise XXiF
  10. SuperEvan GodNick

NA West

  1. Arkham1x / Bloom Falconer
  2. ThaiTanks / Thomuss_
  3. WBG Rhux / WBG Pika
  4. TSM_Cloud / 100T kyzui
  5. Ghost Sean / Ghost Aydan
  6. AK Symetrical / Tocata
  7. KNG Sealmatt / KNG EpikWhale
  8. Leno / barl
  9. 1400 Viszlas / Hokage DomoFN
  10. Twitch Baackup / Fisco


  1. NGR benjyfish / NRG MrSavageM
  2. Secret_Mongraal / Atlantis Mitr0
  3. E11 Tschiiinken / E11 Stompy
  4. Lootboy Mexe / Lootboy Skram
  5. Solary Airwaks / Solary Nikof
  6. TrainH Seth / DRG
  7. VHV Crue / VHV Chapix.
  8. DualMedia BlastR / DualMedia Alpha
  9. PnR. / Omer Btw
  10. FACT lolb0om / TTVCoreGaming


  1. CoverH / MF Twizz
  2. JAM_zoreh / JAM Gheez
  3. TwitchJordyx3 / Chief Radius
  4. Ghost Zarby / Ghost Trapped
  5. youtube minkin / youtube rel
  6. Youtube.Kayez / Flacko .
  7. Gooboz / slaya
  8. Jahlyn / Chief skyla
  9. Twitch AleccAU / Twitch_Mingovi
  10. RNG_x2Twins / RNG_x2Jesse


  1. CR.bell / Scarlet No.1
  2. GE_Swillium / GE_fa1zzy
  3. TOP_FapFox / TOP_Banny
  4. BlossoM Tsunami / BlossoM JoKer
  5. KGA SexyBoy / Wonxx.
  6. 4RaiF_Nagomin / 4RaiF_GoRou
  7. TriggerQQ Flame / TriggerQQ Uniq
  8. T1 Quickss / T1 Medusa
  9. TOP_Puzz / TOP_Ming
  10. WGS_HOON / WGS_Sopra


  1. W7M pfzin / Code W7M-Nicks
  2. Gabriel MysticK / Gabriel Master
  3. QUASAR Losted / QUASAR Woodzilla
  4. 9z PatØ / 9z Leobas
  6. QUASAR leleo / QUADAR gordiNN
  7. Twitch.Nocturnoz / FebasSZ
  8. RED Snow. / RED Avlr
  9. erickviadoo / T-RED TeruelFN
  10. SINS 17SP / xKovak

There are eight more weeks of qualifiers remaining. If they are anything like these first two, fans should be ecstatic. The broadcast has been improving each event and week. You can catch the event every Saturday and Sunday on Twitch. The official channel swaps from lobby to lobby. Also, check out players who do stream the event.

Stay up to date on everything Fortnite. Let us know who you are rooting for! What do you want to see next week?