Major developments in Dragon Gate Team drama after LMS ban
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After the recent drama concerning former LMS team Dragon Gate Team, the organization put out an official statement on Weibo. As reported by VPESPORTS, Dragon Gate are looking into a potential lawsuit against Garena. They don’t agree with the given sanctions but surprisingly don’t directly deny what they are being accused of. Subsequently, the team demands an official apology and a written statement allowing them to play in the League of Legends Master Series moving forward. They threaten to take legal action should their demands not be fulfilled within three days.

Dragon Gate has released numerous letters from their lawyers. The letters show the previously mentioned demands. They also claim the evidence against them is not sufficient. To add to it, they blame Garena for poorly wording the ruling against them, saying what “manipulating matches” in the ruling means isn’t clearly defined.

Furthermore, the Dragon Gate organization accuses Garena of bias towards SuperEsports. SuperEsports will be replacing DGT in the next League Master Series split after winning ECS 2019 Spring. The team allegedly has ties with legacy Taiwanese esports organization AHQ. Garena even acknowledged the partnership in a ruling, stating that SuperEsports must change its name and transfer ownership before participating in the LMS. The post then goes on as DGT’s solicitor finds even more facts that could hint at potential ties with Garena. SuperEsports only had five players registered during the ECS 2019 Spring, which is just shy of the six-player requirement. DGT claim they were only punished by “a rather low amount of money,” which could again hint at Garena’s potential involvement with the org.

Kai “Soul” Liu accusations

Going even further, the team accused their now former ADC Kai “Soul” Liu of defamation. They claim Soul had poor performances, didn’t get along with teammates, and even had a gambling problem. Questioning his honesty, DGT decided to ask him some questions as a sort of test. Allegedly unhappy with his answers, Soul asked a teammate of his to record the questioning process, persuading the management to repeat the same questions. He then later gave the voice recording to Garena as proof in the investigation.

DGT claim they wanted Soul to help them with the investigation, but he refused. He supposedly denied his involvement in the investigation and didn’t admit he gave them the recordings. Moving on, Dragon Gate Team investigated Soul’s professional life even further. They purportedly found out he had been kicked from various teams prior to him joining Dragon Gate. Once again, the management stated this was due to his personality issues and gambling problems.

The post concluded with the team expressing disappointment in Garena for believing such a player and not giving them a chance to explain. Adding to that, they stated that a letter from their lawyer had already been sent to Garena in hopes of fixing the situation.

Jingalong “2188” Huang’s response

2188, the top laner of Dragon Gate Team, responded with a post of his own on Facebook. He admitted he knew about the match-fixing going on in DGT. The latter was discussed during a dinner among him, Soul, and Liu “JGY” Jang, the former jungler of DGT. Huang said he suspected that there was something going on after some questionable substitutions were made during some of their matches. He didn’t understand why someone would do it, as the odds against were very low.

Soul and JGY later explained that betting using multiple accounts can lead to earning a lot of money doing this. Allegedly, the highest they could get fixing one match would be enough to purchase a spot in the Master Series. He also said JGY let him down, as he believed the “mistakes” were just misplays or part of his play style. In conclusion, 2188 thanks Soul for doing what he did.

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