Magic: The Gathering War of the Spark news will ignite on March 31
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The year 2019 has already been a massive one for Magic: The Gathering, and it continues to get even better. According to a post by Wizards of the Coast, big news pertaining to their upcoming set, titled War of the Spark, is coming on March 31. This announcement will come via the MTG Twitch stream on the last day of the Mythic Invitational that takes place at PAX East. It will reveal a lot of new cards and an awesome set trailer!

What we already know about War of the Spark

While this big War of the Spark spoiler announcement will without a doubt be chock-full of new information and preview cards, we do already know a little bit about what Wizards of the Coast has in store for us. I previously discussed that there will be a whopping 36 Planeswalkers in War of the Spark.

When we look at the overall storyline of Magic: The Gathering, this set is the peak of the action. It’s the scene that every set for the past five years or so has led up to. Think of it as Magic’s own Infinity War, for those of you who are Marvel fans. As part of this penultimate encounter with Nicol Bolas, the big villain of Magic: The Gathering, the aforementioned Planeswalkers are on Ravnica to confront him… or to help him. Wizards of the Coast recently released an article showing stained glass depictions of each Planeswalker coming in the new set.

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A Planeswalker in every pack!

One of the most exciting announcements on this set came from Wizards a little under two weeks ago. That was when we found out that there will be a Planeswalker in every pack of War of the Spark. Yes, that’s right. Not only will there be a critical mass of Planeswalkers, you’ll find one in literally every single pack you open. This most likely means that we’ll be seeing uncommon and rare Planeswalkers just to fit them all in.

Remember to check in to the MTG Twitch channel from March 28-31. The stream will carry the first Mythic Championship as well as this huge announcement with tons of new set spoilers. You can expect to see many new cards, and probably a good number of new Planeswalkers. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited!