Lux's Cosmic Duty and Dark Ambition: Which path should you take?
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On March 26, the Light’s End: Galaxies versus event went live in League of Legends. Riot gave players new missions to complete, skins, emotes, and much more. Riot also offered players the choice to embark on Lux’s Cosmic Duty or Dark Ambition missions. Furthermore, the side with the most missions completed will decide Lux’s fate in Ambition’s Embrace.

Lux and Ambition’s Embrace

Lux is the spotlight champion for the Light’s End: Galaxies versus event. The Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux skins are visual representations for the form Lux will take depending on which side has more engagement. For example, if more players complete Dark Ambition missions than Cosmic Duty missions, the Dark Cosmic Lux will reign victorious.

In addition to Lux’s fresh skins, a new part of the cosmic lore was released called Ambition’s Embrace. Throughout the short story, Lux struggles to contain her Dark Ambition while in Thresh’s grasp. However, she is reminded of those who are counting on her to eliminate the darkness. The story ends with a scared and desperate Lux asking the reader to choose between cosmic light or eternal dark.

Cosmic Duty

Players who opt for Cosmic Duty and complete the missions are choosing to fight against Thresh and his Dark Star army. A few champions included in the Cosmic Duty squad are Lulu, Xin Zhao, Master Yi, Xayah, Rakan, and Ashe. Fortunately, participating in the Light’s End: Galaxies event is free for all players. Even so, players can still purchase their favorite Cosmic skins and icons to represent their team. Plus, if the Cosmic Duty side wins the event, Cosmic Lux’s skin border will upgrade to show off their victory. Here is the standard border for Cosmic Lux and the upgraded border:

Dark Ambition

On the other hand, players who pick Dark Ambition are choosing to fight against Ashe and her Cosmic Duty squad. Some champions included in the Dark Star army are Mordekaiser, Xerath, Orianna, Varus, and Thresh. There is also a prestigious Dark Star Malphite skin. Similar to Cosmic Duty, if Dark Ambition wins the Light’s End: Galaxies event, Lux’s Dark Cosmic skin border will receive an upgrade. Here is the standard border for Dark Cosmic Lux and the upgraded border:

The Light’s End: Galaxies event runs until April 27 and players have already begun choosing Lux’s fate. Will you fight for eternal darkness and join Thresh’s Dark Star army? Or will you fight for cosmic light and join Ashe’s Cosmic Duty squad?

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