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Today, Wizards of the Coast has been trickling small spoilers to the avid Magic: The Gathering fanbase. These cards come from the newest MTG set, Throne of Eldraine! Based off fairy tale stories and inspiration, Eldraine‘s art and flavor will strike many as some of the best in the game. Let’s check out these new cards coming to MTG and MTG Arena!

Throne of Eldraine spoilers

We’ve seen just five commons and already Throne of Eldraine is oozing with flavor. Let’s get a closer look at those cards.

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Three things we can gather from these five commons

  1. The flavor of the set is on point.
  2. The power level of Eldraine is respectable.
  3. We’re getting a cycle of fetchable utility lands similar to Witch’s Cottage.

The power level here is respectable because these are commons with strong abilities and/or strong typing. For example, Witching Well is a cheap artifact in the premier artifact color that filters the top of your deck and then later draws you cards. Arcum’s Astrolabe has made huge splashes in Modern, Legacy, and Pauper as a 1 cmc artifact that draws a card and mana fixes. While Witching Well is obviously not as pushed as Astrolabe was, it’s in the same wheelhouse.

Additionally, any time a land can be fetched with fetch lands, it’s worth looking into. Witch’s Cottage is fully part of a cycle that will bring us fetchable utility lands in Modern, Legacy, Commander, and even in MTG Arena Standard with Golos decks.

Additional Eldraine spoilers

Earlier today, WotC let a couple of other spoilers loose on Twitter. You can check out our newest Planeswalker, but below are a couple of other cards with a strange ability that we’re not sure how to use yet! Is it a form of Flashback? Or maybe it’s an alternative way to cast the spells? Very strange indeed, but the art and card style are oh so beautiful.

Flaxen Intruder, MTG, Eldraine, Spoilers, MTG Arena Eldraine, MTG, Lovestruck Beast


This is only the start for Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine spoilers. Be sure to keep an eye on our MTG news page for new cards and spoilers.