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Are you ready for Blizzcon? The StarCraft II WCS Global Playoffs start Oct. 26, which is less than one month away. With the conclusion of the GSL Super Tournament 2 this weekend, there are officially no more WCS points up for grabs this year. Only the top eight players from each region can proceed to the playoffs at Blizzcon. Below are the final WCS points standings for each region.

Circuit final standings

Korea Final Standings

WCS Global Playoffs Groups

The groups for the WCS Global Playoffs were also announced over the weekend. Each group contains two players from each WCS region. The players in each group will all play each other in a best-of-three format. Only the top two players from each bracket will move on to the WCS Global Finals, so there is very little room for error.

No group is easy, but Group A looks especially deadly. Maru, Neeb, and TY were all in the top four of GSL Season 3. Don’t sleep on Lambo though. According to Aligulac, Lambo is ranked the fourth best non-Korean StarCraft II player in the world. It’s also worth mentioning that Lambo defeated Neeb 2-1 at WCS Leipzig earlier this year. He’s still a clear underdog in his group, but sometimes being the underdog has its advantages. Lambo is the only Zerg in his group, so it’s possible his opponents will neglect to devote much practice time to their Zerg matchups. Even Lambo knows he’s got quite the hill to climb, but at least he is staying positive. With enough luck and “creative” build orders from TLO, anything is possible for the German Zerg.

We will have full predictions for each group as we get closer to Blizzcon, so stayed tuned for more StarCraft II coverage!

Group A

  • Maru
  • Lambo
  • TY
  • Neeb

Group B

  • Zest
  • HeroMarine
  • sOs
  • Serral

Group C

  • Stats
  • Has
  • Dark
  • ShowTime

Group D

  • Classic
  • Nerchio
  • Rogue
  • Special