Legends of Runeterra adds player profiles in latest update
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The 1.15 patch is live on Legends of Runeterra later today on Riot Games’ digital card game. This patch is bringing a new quality of life update as well as a full Player Profile to customize. As part of this update, future patches should update much faster than before, so players have to spend less time waiting. This change will be completed in the next patch.

Since Legends of Runterra’s launch, a player’s profile had one feature, and that was the icon. Sure, some of the icons were cool, but there wasn’t much else to do. Now Riot Games is melding multiple features into player’s profiles. If a player wants to check their collection completion progression, they can. The Region Road progress has been moved to the player profile as well. Players can now check their progression through each region and know which to focus on next. Season rankings can also now be found in the player profile, making for a more condensed user experience.

We will have to wait and see if player profiles are shareable or even visible to other players in-game. Being able to see your friend’s (or opponent’s) progression through Legends of Runeterra is a highly requested feature.

Legends of Runeterra round timer update

The other major update coming in Patch 1.15 is to the round timer. With any digital card game, there can be certain frustrations to how limited time can be, particularly when playing a combo or control based deck. With this new update, Riot Games is hoping to alleviate that stress with Banked Time.

Banked time allows players to make decisions quickly in early rounds and store that time for more important rounds. The new interface does not seem to indicate exactly how much time players have banked. It does however have a snappy new icon that pops up whenever players bank time.

Legends of Runeterra Round Timer

Riot Games is also introducing a new system called Time Falloff. With this system, taking multiple identical actions will add less additional time for each action. So if there is a spell that allows it to be cast multiple times, like Vault Breaker, players will eventually be cut off from the number of times they can cast it. Riot Games notes that this system is not “super aggressive” at this time, but will be monitored and adjusted given player feedback.

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