League of Legends reveals Pajama Guardian Urgot for April Fools
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On March 23, League of Legends uploaded a trailer for new April Fools Day skins that revealed Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot. Last week, Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar were revealed in an adorable splash art teaser. In the teaser, Tristana and Veigar appeared to be standing on top of another champion.

Players had fun guessing the mystery champion featured in the splash art. Many players suspected Sett, Braum, or Teemo to be the hidden champion in the splash art. However, Riot had an even bigger surprise and revealed Pajama Guardian Urgot for the last April Fools skin.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot’s fabulous abilities

For starters, Urgot seems to have a familiar companion flying alongside him in the rift. Players who are fans of Ezreal’s Star Guardian skin recognize the little sidekick to be Yuuto. Yuuto can only survive in Ezreal’s gauntlet, which makes it safe to assume Urgot is cosplaying as Star Guardian Ezreal.

Similar to Star Guardian Ezreal, Urgot features blue blasts of orbs and stars in his abilities. For example, Urgot’s enhanced auto-attacks shoot rainbow rays, stars, and have a wide blue burst. Urgot also launches a gorgeous blue gem spear towards an enemy for his ultimate ability. After the enemy is targeted with Urgot’s ultimate, a purple ribbon spews from Urgot’s belly and pulls the enemy in. The accompanying video displays Urgot in his adorable pajamas with his new magical abilities.

Why is Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot a big deal in League of Legends?

Ever since the release of the first set of Star Guardians, players have begged Riot Games to make Urgot a Star Guardian skin. In fact, tons of fan art exists of Star Guardian Urgot. The thought of Riot making Urgot a Star Guardian skin has become a beloved meme amongst players. Moreover, players were curious to see a cute skin for Urgot.

Despite Urgot having no connection to the Star Guardians besides cosplaying as one, the wish for Star Guardian Urgot has come true. Now players can wreak havoc on the rift as Urgot while rocking a blue Yuuto onesie.

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