League of Legends releases Eternals on the PBE
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On February 19, League of Legends announced the release of Eternals on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Eternals were introduced back in 2019 with mixed reviews from players. Since then, Riot Games has made an effort to listen to the community.

Feedback resulted in a new version of Eternals for all players to enjoy without spending only RP. Eternals now tracks stats on specific champions for players. Investing in Eternals will grant players the ability to show off to the enemy team throughout games.

Utilizing Eternals in League of Legends

Eternals will consist of a Starters Series and Series I upon release. Each series will have a set of three Eternals per champion; once a player unlocks Eternals, their stats will be followed. In addition, they will receive a shoutout for completing a milestone, and all players will see their accomplishments in-game. The Player Showcase also displays Eternal stats. Players are free to customize which Eternal they would like to display.

An Eternal set consists of Common and Unique stats. For example, a Common Eternal stat would be the number of kills a player has gotten with a specific champion. Meanwhile, a Unique Eternal stat would display the number of times a player has landed a long-range ultimate stun using Ashe.

Eternals also include unlockable rewards; for example, reaching a milestone five times unlocks a Personal Best stat. When players pass their Personal Best, they are given another in-game shoutout. Moreover, players can unlock an exclusive flame effect after passing 15 milestones. The flame effect will be for a player’s mastery emote. They can also continue to unlock more upgrades for their mastery emotes.

Stats in the Starter Series set can be permanently equipped for 2500 Blue Essence or 255 RP. As stated earlier, Riot wanted to improve Eternals in League of Legends. One way of doing so was by making stats available for all players. For a visual understanding of Eternals, refer to the video below.

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