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The League of Legends Lock In tournament continued throughout Saturday with the best-of-three quarterfinals stage. Two best-of-threes were played Saturday with two more best-of-threes being played out today. You can catch the semifinals next weekend, Friday and Saturday Jan. 29-30, and the finals on Sunday Jan. 31.

100 Thieves vs Immortals

Immortals looked promising heading into their first game against 100 Thieves but began to fall off during the mid-game. It wasn’t until a nail-biting play around Baron pit that tilted the game in 100T’s favor at the – minute mark. Game two looked completely different from the first with 100T completely dominating IMT across the map. Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho locked in the Jax for his matchup in the top lane which helped 100T steamroll the game. It took two barons and mountain soul for 100T to finally stop playing with their food and finish out the match strong at 34 minutes. 100T moves on to the semi-final matches next weekend with their opponent still unknown. Immortals will bow out of the tournament and come back again when the Spring Split kicks off.

Cloud9 vs TSM

Despite the single loss to 100 Thieves, TSM looked like a solid team so far in the Lock In tournament. Cloud9 would be the true test for TSM in the second match of the quarterfinal stage. Both teams came out swinging in the first game with TSM quickly taking the lead with Ocean Soul. After taking Baron TSM close out the first game against C9 at the 35-minute mark. During game two C9 fixed their mistakes from game one and completely took over the game after securing Baron. C9 took game two at 27 minutes with a 9,000 gold lead to tie the series. In game three C9 continued to snowball from their previous win with another aggressive composition. After getting infernal soul, seven towers, and 18 kills, they finally closed out the game. TSM are officially out of the tournament after losing 2-1 to C9, who move on to play against 100 Thieves next week.

You can tune in for tomorrow’s matches on either the LCS YouTube or Twitch channel. For more League of Legends Lock In coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

Danny Appleford is an esports journalist for Upcomer that started writing for Daily Esports in 2020. He now specializes in articles surrounding League of Legends, Call of Duty, VALORANT and Halo.