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It looks like dataminers have once again uncovered new items that may be available soon in Fortnite. The recent leaks were discovered by @FNBRLeaks and posted to Twitter. The first is a Stink Grenade that emits “a cloud of poison.” The second is a Ceiling Drop Trap. This item can drop a load of tires from the ceiling, a familiar item for anyone that has played the Save the World mode.

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Each of the above items was listed in Fortnite’s system files. There are small descriptions for each of them that detail just how they can be used during matches. Although these may be introduced soon, there is no telling as to whether these will be permanent or limited availability. Both seem as though they will impact your current Fortnite strategy, particularly with the recent nerf to the Damage Trap.


Image courtesy of Fortnite Insider.

Recently, dataminers also revealed potential competitive modes that may be on the horizon. Each of which was listed as “Playlist_Comp_Duos” and “Playlist_Comp_Squads.” These modes could provide something different for players wanting more out of the battle royale shooter. Each new update has offered variations to weapons and items, allowing the game to receive minor facelifts with each update.

The leaks have yet to be confirmed by Epic Games. But, with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) just around the corner, it could mean big announcements for Fortnite in the near future.

Do you think these two items will heavily impact gameplay? What are your thoughts on each of them? Let us know in the comment section.