Krama accuses Jazza of self-sabotage on Vitality PUBG team
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Vitality’s PUBG team is in a rough patch for performance and chemistry. A TwitLonger post by Dylan “Krama” Catalano describes the recent woes of the team and his thoughts on their PEL relegation. But pointedly, he describes struggles with teammate Jonny “Jazza” McVea.

Vitality’s poor PUBG performance in Week 3 of Phase 2

Vitality ended Week 3 of Phase 2 in the the PUBG European League (PEL) at a low ranking. Krama goes into how he was not performing as an individual and mentions that Jonny “Jazza” McVea was having similar issues. Apparently, the two handled the situation differently.

“[…] he took it the wrong way,” says Krama in response to criticism he and Jazza received from teammates. After lackluster performances, Jazza was leaving straight after games and not returning to practice with the team until two days later. Jazza was also allegedly gossiping about the other members of Vitality.

Dylan "Krama" Catalano. Pro PUBG player for Vitality PUBG
Dylan “Krama” Catalano 

An attempt at reconciliation

Sahra “Sealph” Ben, Manager of the Vitality PUBG team, held a team meeting. Included in the meeting were talks about the team’s poor performance and individual play. Things heated up when Jazza reportedly declared that he wanted to part ways with Vitality at the end of Phase 2, regardless of the outcome.

At this point, Krama said that Sealph called for Jazza’s resignation and to allow Benjamin “mOnKeY” Lartigue to step in. Krama believes that having a player on the roster that is not interested in Vitality’s outcome was essentially (our wording, not his) ludicrous. Ultimately, no changes came as a result of this meeting and the team fell into the bottom four teams of Phase 2 over the next weeks.

Jonny "Jazza" McVea. Pro PUBG player for Vitality
Jonny “Jazza” McVea

Spiteful vandalism or self-sabotage in the Vitality PUBG house?

Jazza told his teammates via Discord that his mouse was damaged one night. Vitality was coming off of one of their best weeks in Phase 2. The rest of the Vitality members responded to Jazza saying that they were not responsible. Yoan “Shadow1k” Lingrand further agreed that no one had touched the mouse that morning. It was hard to believe that anyone would hurt their chances of qualifying.

Krama accuses Jazza of sabotaging himself. One reason is that no one wants to hurt the team when on a hot streak. His other reason is because it appears as if the pictures of the mouse were taken at night. This is important because Jazza claims to not have discovered the damage until 4 p.m. the next day.

Vitality PUBG relegated after Jazza’s lackluster performance

Things did not start well for Jazza’s reputation with Krama. Apparently, leading up to the promotional tournament, Jazza had been “AFK” on Steam for at least a week. This led Krama to believe that Jazza did not care about the team’s ability to remain in the PEL or the fate of his Vitality teammates.

The stats from the promotional series support Krama’s beliefs. Jazza had the lowest number in every stat category from the tournament. Notably, he only managed 5 kills in 20 matches. Additionally, the next lowest kill count from Vitality came from Krama. However, he notched 28 kills for the tournament (a 560 percent increase over Jazza).

Vitality is now playing in the Contenders bracket of the PEL. The team is in a dire situation. Furthermore, they need some crucial help if they want to recover. Phase 3 will start sometime after the GLL Grand Slam.