Junkrat and Whitemane reworks coming in next Heroes of the Storm event
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Blizzard just announced a new event coming to Heroes of the Storm: the Scarlet Heist. In addition to the new cosmetics and event-limited challenges, it will introduce hero redesigns to Junkrat and Whitemane.

Junkrat changes

By Blizzard’s own admission, Junkrat is popular and functions well in the current Heroes of the Storm meta. The changes they are applying to him aim to make his builds more diverse and less Frag Launcher-all-day. To that end, they have scaled back his basic attack and Frag Launcher damage a bit. The power comes back through some of his talents for other abilities, which have been buffed.

More importantly, Junkrat now has access to some really unique and fun-looking talents. For example, at level 7 he can take the new talent Dirty Trickster, which triggers his Total Mayhem grenades if he is CC’d while below 50 percent health.

Junkrat trait triggering off CC

Whitemane changes

Whitemane is one of Heroes of the Storm‘s more unconventional healers in her design, but her current gameplay doesn’t really show that. Her rework aims to make her abilities more “interactive,” according to Blizzard. The base mana costs of her abilities are reduced, so she can use them more freely, rather than chaining them for the mana return. Whitemane will also have access to new talents that interact with her Zeal trait. For example, Unwavering Faith is being repurposed to add both range and damage to her basic attacks.

You can take a peek at Junkrat and Whitemane’s changes in Blizzard’s patch notes. Alternatively, you could test them firsthand: Both heroes are currently playable in their reworked forms on the Heroes of the Storm PTR. The test run ends on Sept. 23, and their changes will become permanent with the arrival of the Scarlet Heist event.

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