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As of recently, PUBG updates have seemed very repetitive. There’s typically a new weapon, vehicle, a few UI additions, and a load of bug fixes. There are no issues with the new content, but it would be nice to see PUBG Update 2.0!

I have created a list of content I’d like to see implemented into the game along with my reasoning. I have also included highly requested updates demanded by the PUBG community.


Starting off with vehicles, it would be nice to see a larger variety of trucks, motorcycles, and cars added to the game.

Small Removal Van

One of my ideas was to add a small removal van. The van could hold four players: two in the front and two in the back. The back passengers could be invisible to other players and it could be used as an ambulance. For example: if you’re playing squads and you take a lot of damage, you could hop in the back of the van and heal up. Although I think it’s a cool idea, there are a lot of drawbacks. Firstly, if a player is in the back of the van, they are not visible to other players and they will soon take advantage of this to camp. As a result, to exit the van, players should only be able to jump out of the back, meaning other players can still be wary of their next move.

As the removal van would undoubtedly be notorious for camping, the van’s damage value should be significantly shorter than other vehicles which would give other players a chance to blow the vehicle up but still enough time for the passengers to react.

Another vehicle idea is a dirtbike. Currently, there is the sporty motorcycle, the doomed three-wheeler version and the scooter. However, for maps like Miramar and Erangel, there is a lot of offroad travel and a dirtbike would fit perfectly into the collection.


New weapons are always being added to the game but there are still lots of ideas that come to mind. Firstly, a brand-new sniper rifle! When a player finds a sniper rifle, it’s a very rewarding moment, so why not add more?

Semi-Automatic Barrett

The main sniper favourites currently are the Kar98K, AWM, M24, and VSS, but how amazing would it be to have a heavy, semi-automatic sniper added to the mix? Not only will this vary the sniper rifle category, but it could also bring back memories from old FPS games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield.

The semi-automated Barrett should definitely deal a significant amount of damage due to the nature of the gun in real life. However, to equalise the weapon category, other traits should be much less than the other snipers. Recoil could be the lowered trait as the sniper provides a huge kick when operated. The cheek pad attachment slot should also be disabled to keep the gameplay fair and skillful as intended.

Another weapon I’d like to see in the game is a new light machine gun (LMG). The only LMGs available currently are the crate-exclusive M249 or the common DP-28. Both weapons have received mixed reviews and they are not every player’s cup of tea. However, the introduction of a new LMG may deter players from using common ARs and SMGs and mix up the gameplay.

C4, Claymores, and Explosives

Although explosives may be irritating in most games, more explosives in PUBG may be very beneficial. Claymores and C4 could be a nice method to protect you from behind. However, to stop the abuse of explosives, damage values could be set so enemies have to be in a very close region for them to activate.

Large Range of PUBG Maps

A big update close to my heart is the snowy map teased at the end of the PUBG trailer at this year’s E3 event. Introducing a large range of maps to the game will give PUBG players even more reasons to play. Personally, I couldn’t get bored of the current PUBG maps, however, a lot of players stop playing due to the lack of maps and areas.

This photo is a Steam artwork post and does not represent any sections or designs of the new map

New map ideas could include

  • Arctic
  • Small connected Islands and Boats
  • City
  • Highlands/Mountains
  • Dark Mode Edition

The list could go on, but a vast selection of maps is definitely my favourite idea.

XP and Prestige System

Most of the ideas expressed in this post seem to be leading into a Battlefield or Call of Duty-styled game. However, an XP and prestige system would be a nice fit for PUBG. Players could be matched in the game with players of the same level/rank to equalise the gameplay.

The main issue I have with PUBG is that players are matched in the same region but not at the same skill level. Therefore, later in the game, I can get completely annihilated or get a really easy kill and it gets frustrating.

This point is especially targeted at new players. New players are dropped into the deep end and forced to fight against people playing the game for longer. Although the tough-love approach may work for some, it certainly doesn’t work for everyone.

Realistic Bullet Penetration

Although shooting someone in the pan may be funny, it’s still not very realistic. As PUBG is a realistic game, it would be nice to see some new variables that allow bullets to penetrate.

For example: the thin, mesh fence that can be found on all maps. The bullet penetration is very limited when shooting through it. Shooting at this fence in real life with a fully automatic rifle, bullets are bound to go through.

I have encountered it so many times where I have lost a kill due to trying to shoot through obvious materials. Another prime example is the metal shacks spread around Miramar. The material is a very thin, corrugated metal which a bullet would easily tear through, but on PUBG, it can stop grenades, snipers, and full sprays. Whether this was purposely incorporated into the game to protect players is unknown but it would be nice to see a few options for bullet penetration.

If you’d like to share any feedback or any of your own idea, leave them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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