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The new, light-weight headset from HyperX is here! HyperX has released two more products into its Cloud Stinger range. We now have the Cloud Stinger Core + 7.1 and Cloud Stringer Core Wireless + 7.1 headset. We got our hands on the wireless headphones to give them a whirl.

Surround sound and compact comfort

Straight up, these are very comfortable. The adjustable steel sliders mean the HyperX Cloud Stringer will fit all gamers. As someone with a tiny head, I found this perfect. These headphones actually fit my head without falling off my ears or hanging down my neck. It’s also very lightweight at only 244 grams, making it perfect for long hours of gameplay. It just feels nice and snug, with soft cushion ear cups and breathable material. Even small gamers like Soleil “Ew0k” Wheeler — who recently partnered with HyperX — have no trouble sliding into these headsets.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core + 7.1 and Cloud Stringer Core Wireless + 7.1 headset mini review

The Cloud Stinger is really easy to set up. Simply ensure you’ve charged up the headset, stick in the USB drive, and away you go. Once you’re in, you’ll hear the sound change instantly. It’s clear and crisp, at least when you test it with the Windows default sounds… so we fired up something a little more intense to test it out. The Elder Scrolls Online seemed like a good option. It’s a large open world, with lots of random things happening. Taking a look around with your character, it’s clear to hear how well the surround sound works. Players can distinctly hear where enemies are attacking from and where people are talking in relation to your character. The same goes with games like Fortnite. It’s easy to hear which direction the bullets are coming from! Whilst it’s not true 7.1 surround sound, for the price tag, it’s pretty close!

Party chat and noise canceling

Unlike some headphones, the microphone isn’t detachable. This can be a problem for streamers who like to choose their own microphones. The mic, however, does swivel into a vertical position and sits neatly away from your face. In this position, the microphone is muted, making this the perfect headset for party chat or even zoom calls.

This headset is also compatible with computer, PlayStation, and Xbox. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using; you’ll want to consider the Cloud Stinger. Like with the surround sound, this headset doesn’t have true noise-canceling abilities. The snug fit however and cushion cups block out lots of outside noise, leaving you to game and play away from distractions.

More than just a gaming brand

Like other brands, HyperX has its own software: HyperX NGENUITY. It allows users to personalize their products, set keybindings, store macros, customize lighting, and really control the way they want their peripherals to work. The NGENUITY software produces the Virtual 7.1 surround sound, giving an immersive experience, especially for movies. It’s easy to download from the Windows App store and has a super slick interface.

If you want to grab the new Cloud Stinger, you can pick one up for $109 AU or go for the wireless version at $169 AU.

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