How to put helicopters into autopilot mode in Fortnite
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Helicopters are the newest vehicle addition to Fortnite. They are easier to use in duos and squads, as one person can pilot while the others scout the area for enemies to shoot. Now, a new trick reveals that players can switch helicopters into autopilot mode, making them easier to use in solos. A clip on the Fortnite Reddit page demonstrates the trick to players.

Putting helicopters into autopilot mode

The player positions themselves above the helicopter. Then, they proceed to throw a proximity mine on top of the helicopter. This is positioned behind the cabin and the propellers. Upon starting up the helicopter, the proximity mine begins to detonate. The clip shows that the player is then able to switch seats while the helicopter continues to travel through the air. Somehow, there also appears to be no risk of the proximity mine blowing up.

New Choppa Autopilot trick ! from FortNiteBR

Advantages and disadvantages

As previously mentioned, this trick is advantageous, particularly in solos. It allows players to shoot enemies rather than pilot the helicopter. In addition, putting a helicopter into autopilot mode is fairly easy to do, providing players have access to a helicopter and proximity mines in the same match. However, the disadvantage of this is that the helicopter can only travel in one direction. This means that, eventually, the helicopter may crash into a hill, for example.

Fortnite fans have welcomed this new form of transportation. One Fortnite fan commented: “This is amazing, yet probably going to be patched as I don’t think it’s intended.” It will be interesting to see if Epic Games responds to this by rolling out a fix in a future update. Meanwhile, the status of other bugs and glitches can be viewed on the official Fortnite Trello board.

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