Heroes of the Storm reveals new Scarlet Heist event
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Heroes of the Storm has just revealed a new and upcoming event called The Scarlet Heist. The initial hint for this new event came in the form of a tweet on Sept 14. It featured a close-up image of Whitemane along with a small evidence bag pinned on a bulletin board.

The following day, the official Heroes of the Storm Twitter account posted the full image of the bulletin board with even more hints and clues. This image featured wanted posters of Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, and Orphea. In addition, one more poster on the board read, “The Scarlet Heist! Robbery at Scarlet Monastery Casino!”

heroes of the storm the scarlet heist

Today, the Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel uploaded a video that brought all these clues together. It confirmed that, along with new mounts, there will soon be new skins for Whitemane, Junkrat, Sgt. Hammer, and Orphea.

In The Scarlet Heist, Whitemane runs a large criminal empire called the Scarlet Mafia. Orphea, who grew tired of having to answer to Whitemane, teamed up with Junkrat and Bama “the Hammer” Kowalski to form a new gang. Since the new criminal organization needed funds, Orphea decided that taking it from Whitemane herself would be the best bet and settle who’s the new mob leader in New Tirisfal City.

The new Heroes of the Storm event is scheduled to start in the week of Sept 24 and end on Dec 3. Players will get to complete a new quest chain in order to unlock sprays, emojis, mounts, and portraits. Players will also get to unlock the Royal Getaway Sidecar mount if they succeed in the overall heist.

As for The Scarlet Heist loot chests, players will earn event chests by leveling up their heroes, playing the weekly Heroes Brawl, or by spending gold. Limited-time items have a chance of dropping from these chests, as do items from last year’s Fall of King’s Crest event.

Also during the event, players will have the option to purchase a legendary Scarlet Heist loot chest for 12,000 gold. This special chest will be limited to one per region per account.

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