Heroes of the Storm launches winter event with new quests and skins
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Heroes of the Storm just launched its winter event with a series of new quests, skins, and a bunch of toy-themed emojis, portraits, and sprays. Starting today, players can travel around a game board and complete a series of quests.

After getting 50 takedowns in winning games, players will be rewarded with the Cute Qhira Spray and a Cute Cosmonaut Qhira Portrait. The next quest requires players to take out 200 enemy minions, with the reward being the Cute Green Army Raynor Spray and the Green Army Team Portrait.

Next up, after dealing 150,000 damage to Heroes in winning games, players will receive cute Butcher items in the form of a spray and a portrait. When Heroes of the Storm players capture eight Mercenary camps, a Toy Train portrait and spray will be given to them. As for the new Mephisto spray and portrait, they can be obtained by winning three games as an Assassin.

Heroes of the Storm launches winter event with new quests and skins game board

Much like last year’s winter event, once the game board is completed, players get to go around it again as many times as they want to earn Loot Chests. These event Loot Chests have a chance of containing toy-themed items. For players who cannot wait to get their hands on the new items, they can visit the in-game shop to purchase them.

A notable mount that is obtainable during the Heroes of the Storm winter event is the Toy Train, which was featured at this year’s BlizzCon. Other mounts include the Galactic Lion, Plush Unicorn, and the Snowflake mount in Mellow and Periwinkle variations.

As for the skins, the event features Tickle Mephisto and Cosmonaut Qhira variations, as well as skins for Stitches, Deckard, Dehaka, Varian, Valeera, and Raynor.

The toys are back in town, and players can participate in the Heroes of the Storm winter event until the week of Mar 3, 2020.

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