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With the final day of the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Fall Championship wrapped up, we had the chance to watch some of the best from all corners of the world competing for the title of 2018 Fall Champion. On the fourth day of the event, all quarterfinals up to the final matches were played out. The day started off with Bloodyface facing off against CaiMiao.

Bloodyface vs CaiMiao

The match started off well for CaiMiao, getting a swift 2-0 lead. Things turned south for CaiMiao as his remaining deck, Zoo Warlock, got swept by Bloodyface. In the end Bloodyface won, and with that qualified for the world championships next year.

Bloodyface 3 – 2 CaiMiao

Tylerootd vs Bloodtrail

In what was the most one-sided series of the day, Bloodtrail crushed Tyler 3 to 0. Unlike the previous days Bloodtrail’s play today was very impressive. Certainly worth looking back at if you want to learn some more about Hearthstone.


Bloodtrail 3 – 0 Tylerootd

Sintolol vs Justsaiyan

This series was hard to watch if you are a Sintolol Fan. Sintolol just did not get a chance to compete against the insane draw from Justsaiyan. In the end Sintolol lost three times with his Odd Rogue deck, just not finding anything that could compete. With this, Justsaiyan was the 3rd player to qualify for worlds from this event. This win was particularly important for his team, Tempo Storm, as it meant that Justsaiyan won’t have to compete with his teammate Muzzy for the spot of point leader. The point leader will be qualified for worlds as well, which Muzzy now has effectively secured.

Justsaiyan 3 – 1 Sintolol

Languagehacker vs RENMEN

This was definitely the most interesting match of the day to watch. The games were very close and played out very well by both sides. In the end Languagehacker did manage to close it out 3 to 1, but things could have been much different if some small things went RENMEN’s way. If you only have the time to watch one of the games, we would recommend you watch the 2nd game of the series: Cube Warlock against Taunt druid.


Languagehacker 3 – 1 RENMEN

Bloodyface vs Bloodtrail

Once more a reverse sweep happened at the event. This time Bloodyface managed to beat Bloodtrail’s Shudderwock Shaman three times in a row after going down 2-0. Bloodyface was the first Finalist of the HCT Fall Championship.

Bloodyface 3 – 2 Bloodtrail

Justsaiyan vs Languagehacker

In a surprise 3 – 0, Languagehacker managed to complete his long term goal of defeating Justsaiyan in a Hearthstone event. Unfortunately Justsaiyan wasn’t allowed to play Hearthstone this time around. His run over the past 6 months is still the most impressive win rate in Hearthstone’s history.  Languagehacker continued to the finals where he would have to play against the other finalist, Bloodyface.

Languagehacker 3 – 0 Justsaiyan

The Finals: Bloodyface vs Languagehacker

The finals were over quite quick. After the first loss of Languagehacker’s Taunt Druid up against Bloodyface’s Zoo, things changed quickly. The Hearthstone gods wanted Languagehacker to win so they made it happen. With some crazy draws and a well timed topdeck of Mossy Horror, Languagehacker managed to sweep the Odd Rogue of Bloodyface. Languagehacker is your 2018 HCT Fall Championship Champion!

Languagehacker 3 – 1 Bloodyface

That is our coverage of Day 4 of the HCT 2018 Fall Championship. If you missed the action, you can catch the VODs at the PlayHearthstone Twitch channel.

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(Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)