OWL Asia Summer Showdown Won by Guangzhou
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The Asia bracket of the Overwatch League (OWL) Summer Showdown tournament wasn’t as full of surprises as the North America bracket, but it still had some exciting games. Here’s what happened, if you missed any of the action.

New York’s struggles continue

New York’s Excelsior was one of the top organizations earlier in the year, and things seemed to be looking up for the team when it picked up Hyo-jong “Haksal” Kim after his departure from the Vancouver Titans. Things haven’t panned out so well for them since then, however, and they lost in the semi-finals of the OWL Summer Showdown tournament 0-3 to the Guangzhou Charge.

New York (along with the rest of the OWL) will have two weeks off to get things together. Hopefully, for their fans, they can figure out how to make things work with Haksal on the team.

Guangzhou has a breakout tournament

The Guangzhou Charge has been playing extremely well in recent weeks, and that continued during the OWL Summer Showdown. Guanzhou rolled over the Chengdu Hunters and the New York Excelsior to make it to the finals against the top seed Shanghai Dragons.

Both of these teams have been exceptional, and the OWL Asia bracket Summer Showdown finals didn’t disappoint. It looked like Guangzhou was going to roll over Shanghai too, after they won the first three maps in the best-of-seven series. Shanghai got it together for a bit, however, and took Gibraltar and Busan. They couldn’t finish the job, however, and lost on Blizzard World, where Guangzhou would win 4-2.

While the Asia tournament didn’t quite have the surprises and upsets that the North America bracket did, it is still well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet, especially the finals. You’ll have plenty of time to check out the games if you want, because the OWL is taking a hiatus until July 17, 2020.