Go Hard gets hit with a major nerf in Legends of Runeterra patch 2.0
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One of the best cards in Riot Game’s digital card game Legends of Runeterra received a major nerf in the recent 2.0 patch. The Shadow Isles card Go Hard/Pack Your Bags received one of the biggest nerfs in the game, with the casting cost increasing from one to five. First released in the K/DA ALL OUT, Go Hard/Pack Your Bags was the first experiment in releasing a small set. The event allows Riot Games to experiment with limited-time events and what may be promotional cards in other card games. However, Go Hard/Pack Your Bags became one of the most dominating cards in Legends of Runeterra.

Since Go Hard/Pack Your Bags’ release, it has gone on to be an oppressive force in the meta and it’s easy to see why. With decks filled with card draw, tutoring, and efficient units, players can quickly trigger the ability to transform Go Hard to Pack Your Bags. Doing 5 damage to the opponent’s team and nexus is a great way to take the lead in a match.

Legends of Runeterra Go Hard Nerf

Twisted Fate Go Hard decks quickly became one of the most dominating decks in the game. As a versatile removal spell that drains life and helps remove small units, Go Hard/Pack Your Bags is too good as a one-mana spell. As Riot Games explains:

When players are able to transform Go Hard, the Pack Your Bags form frequently creates a situation which is unmanageable to play against given its board impact compared to cost. There should be a powerful payoff when players are able to successfully transform Go Hards – but it should give the opposing player more meaningful counterplay options leading up to Pack Your Bags.

Twisted Fate Go Hard decks may not be gone, but the speed at which they can move has been severely hampered. Players have to be a little smarter about timing when it comes to casting Pack Your Bags. At the same time, players may be more willing to over commit to a board after the card’s nerf. It may take some time to see how the metal balances out in the 2.0 patch, but hopefully the Go Hard/Pack Your Bags nerf will allow a new meta to flourish.

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