GamerLegion announces the signing of dennis to CS:GO squad
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Today, Team GamerLegion has announced that Dennis “dennis” Edman is now the fifth player on their CS:GO roster. The Swede comes in lieu of Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans, the team’s previous in-game leader, who moved to the bench on July 4.

GamerLegion had recently defeated the up-and-coming Brazilian hope, FURIA Esports, with relative ease at MocheXL Esports 2019. Many considered their second place at the Portuguese tournament a success, but apparently, the motivation was simply not there.

GamerLegion were, as of recently, on an upward trajectory, but, apparently, something needed to change.
GamerLegion were, as of recently, on an upward trajectory, but apparently, something needed to change. Photo via: HTLV.

Ex6TenZ is a renowned, even legendary, leader when it comes to CS:GO, but dennis will aim to bring the same amount of knowledge to the team. Although he has not played as an in-game leader for more than a year, that has always been his primary role in the game. Now, he will have the opportunity to be the one calling out his team’s tactics once again.

The Swede is definitely an experienced player, as he has played on various international lineups throughout the years. In 2018, however, he signed with Ninjas in Pyjamas, a household name in the Swedish esports scene, in order to try and take them back to their 2013 level.

He was, though, stripped of his role as an IGL just a few months after his arrival. Instead, Jonas “Lekro” Olofsson became the team’s new captain. Coming into 2019, he decided to rest for a few months, only to come back into the lineup and find out a couple of months later that youngster Nicolás “Plopski” González was taking his place in the squad.

The Swede enjoys playing in well-organized, tactical teams. Both in GODSENT and Ninjas in Pyjamas, he cited the lack of a defined leadership as reasons for his incompatibility with the teams’ style. Dennis did not mesh well with his teammates at NiP during his stay in the team. That, unfortunately, translated to his performance on official matches.

Now, in GamerLegion he has a chance to establish a team culture both he and his teammates feel comfortable under. If he does it, he will demonstrate that he can still be a valuable in-game leader for top-tier teams. GamerLegion’s first tournament with their new in-game leader will be the GoodGame League. The event will take place on July 13. GamerLegion will have to face HellRaisers, Aristocracy, and Tricked in order to advance to the playoffs. Hopefully, that will be the first step towards a new era for dennis’s career.